The Manufacturers train our Craftsmen

June 29, 2024

Our Craftsmen Are Trained By The Best –
The People Who Make The Products

We Never GUESS – We
Make Sure We KNOW

No matter what service you’re considering purchasing, you want the person performing the service to be fully trained. You want to feel that you’re getting true quality installed properly. And nothing guarntees good results like factory training.

This kind of training is even more important in the roofing industry.

Your roof is a critical part of your home’s structure, and proper installation is crucial to its long-lasting functionality. Hiring the right roofing contractor can be the difference between a quality roof replacement and many repairs and headaches down the road.

At Firon Roofing, manufacturers train our craftsmen, ensuring we have the skills to deliver precise installations.

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Ongoing GAF Training

Training never ends for Firon Roofing.

We don’t rest on our laurels. We continuously train to keep our skills sharp, our product knowledge up to date, and our installation techniques on the cutting edge.

It’s not just us who demand that high standard, either.

Part of being a GAF Master Elite contractor means getting training directly from GAF.

This includes everything from properly staggering shingles to waterproofing and more. Our roofers are trained by the people who make the product, and this training happens continuously throughout the year.

This training ensures peak performance and precise installation, which is paramount for GAF’s roofing warranties. GAF wants their Master Elite contractors to be a step above the other installers, and we train to achieve that standard.

We Don’t “Train On The Job”

One thing we DON’T do is on-the-job training.

When we hire new roofers, they’ll likely come with some experience. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll put them on a roof to install shingles on a job right away. They may work as general laborers to watch and learn, but they won’t be doing any installing until we KNOW they’re ready.

And that’s ready by our standards.

We REFUSE to use your roof for practice.

That’s not a promise every contractor can make. When a roofer for Firon Roofing performs installations for homeowners, they’ve been trained to deliver the quality you deserve.

Focusing On Difficult Techniques

We not only have ongoing training with GAF products, but we also train multiple times a year ourselves. We’re constantly working on maintaining excellent habits and skills while improving our technique.

And when it comes to those techniques, we focus on the difficult ones.

While installing shingles requires a certain skill level, some materials, such as wall flashing and skylights, require special techniques. We emphasize these features to ensure an exceptional installation.

Velux Certified

In addition to our GAF Master Elite status, we’re also Velux certified. Velux is a major skylight manufacturer and sets a high standard for installing their products.

And for good reason.

Skylights can be a headache for some homeowners. While a beautiful addition to many homes, issues can arise that leave homeowners wanting to get rid of them,  if not installed properly

At Firon Roofing, we have the technical skills and the experience to install skylights accurately. This allows you to have a gorgeous skylight in your home without worry.

Standards Driven Quality Control

Our standards are high, and ensuring an exceptional installation that meets our standards means quality control is a must.

We oversee every project – everything from proper installation techniques to cleanup. We strive to set ourselves apart within the roofing industry and ensure quality through proper management.

It’s the icing on the Firon Roofing cake – excellent roofing experts trained by the manufacturers of the products they’re installing with oversight from management.

That leads to the top-tier roof replacement service you deserve.

So, when you’re looking for a roofing contractor in the Greater Ottawa area and want one whose craftsmen are exceptionally trained, contact Firon Roofing to schedule an appointment.