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Attention To Details Is Key To Successful Outcomes Ottawa Firon Roofing

We’re Fanatical About Getting Every Last
Detail On Every Last Roof Exactly Right

From The First Visit To The Final Walkthrough
‘Good Enough’ Is Never Enough For Us

While it’s true that getting the details absolutely right during installation is key to a successful roof replacement, getting the details right before we even get to your door is just as critical.

When you work with us, everything is planned out carefully long before it happens – from your first call to the initial visit and on through to the final walkthrough. There is no unimportant process when it comes to ensuring that you have the best roof possible, so we’ve designed procedures that check and verify every last step, no matter how small.

Answering The Crucial Questions

While most roofing companies consider the initial visit a sales call, we like to think of them as consultations.

Our job is to find out what you think you need, why you think you need it, and most importantly, to verify that you’re right. So, aside from taking the time to educate you about your roof system and how it should work, we conduct a thorough inspection of your roof.

While others would just walk out to your yard with some binoculars, we get on your roof so we can see exactly what’s happening up there. For tougher roof issues, we even go into your attic. Sometimes, that’s where the real trouble can be found, and we want our quotes to be as accurate as possible.

After we confirm what you need and discuss what you want, and go over your options, we start creating your proposal. The last thing we want is to get surprised by something we should have seen and have to come back to you with bad news, so we make absolutely certain that we’ve checked all the boxes before we give you our number for a good, better, or best roofing system.

Preparation Is Everything

Once we’ve agreed on your new roof, our logistics team begins ordering what we’ll need to do the installation. They will first double-check that all job details are correct. Then, all the information and measurements get uploaded into an app accessible by everyone involved in replacing your roof.

Deliveries are coordinated to work with the time frame you’ve selected, and the dates are verified throughout our system.

When installation day arrives, everything will be in order and ready for the work crew when they arrive.

No Detail Too Small

During installation, the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed to the letter, and each step is verified as correct before the next step can begin. One of the dirtiest words in our company is ‘shortcut,’ and you’ll never see any of our installers leave out even the tiniest detail as they work.

In fact, the smaller the detail, the more they slow down to make certain they get it just right.

We also take extra steps to ensure that your roof will look gorgeous to even the most finicky observer. Chalk lines are used to keep our shingles perfectly aligned, especially around the hip and ridge areas of your roof, where slight variations can become exaggerated when viewed from afar.

We want your replacement roof to not just function properly for decades, but to look amazing, too.

Your comfort is another detail we refuse to ignore. We keep the work area clean throughout the process, make sure that we’re not blocking critical access points with our equipment, and take care to protect your plants and property that we can’t move away from the perimeter of your home.

We’ll even talk to your neighbours if they have concerns about our work. We do everything we can to make your installation experience as stress-free as possible.

Excellence Requires Excellent People

One huge detail that gets short shrift in many Ottawa roofing companies is the quality of their installation crews. Often, all they need to know is that you aren’t afraid of heights and can swing a hammer – but we don’t even ask those questions in a first interview.

While the other guys just want bodies to throw at their latest job, we want professionals who exude kindness and confidence. We can always teach them the skills before letting them onto roofs, but we can never train them for decency and integrity.

So, when we look for new hires, we look at who they are more than what they can do. We ask them how they’ve handled difficult situations in the past and how they could have done better. After all, they’re going to have teammates as part of the Firon crew, so they must know how to work with others – especially in (well, on) someone’s home.

And when we discover someone with the right values, we give them all the training they can handle. But graduating from our training doesn’t mean they are done learning.

Active Supervision

Once our new installers earn their way onto a job site, they work closely with senior personnel until they are considered ready to work with less supervision. We say less because there is never zero supervision.

Aside from production manager visits, our crews are monitored from the office throughout the build. They upload photos to our system in real-time at every step, so we can ensure that things are being done correctly and catch problems before they can cause a problem or major delay.

We even monitor their job site cleanliness throughout the work day because your happiness with the process is just as important as how well the job is being done.

And after the foreman does a final walkthrough, your production manager will do their own walkthrough while focusing on looking for the smallest errors.

The Ultimate Payoff

All that careful work pays off big-time for both you and us at Firon Roofing. We get to offer the longest workmanship guarantees in the industry, and you get to enjoy up to a full 25 years of peace of mind.

And results like that are worth any amount of effort to achieve.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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