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The average interview at the average Ottawa roofing contractor consists of proving you can breathe and have held a hammer at least once. The result, of course, is less than stellar and feeds into the bad reputation carried by the roofing industry.

At Firon Roofing, we’re much more demanding. We look at who you are first and what you can do second. After all, skills can be learned while personalities are forever.

If you are a positive person who is career-minded, thrives in a team atmosphere, and firmly believes that all jobs play a role in the customer experience, you could have a home here at Firon Roofing.

Extensive Training

Many home services companies will hire salespeople, toss them a company shirt and a clipboard, and send them out to sell a product they know nothing about.

With Firon Roofing, that will never happen. It’s not fair to you, and it’s deeply unfair to our customers. Before you are expected to go out on your own, you’ll learn everything there is to know about roofing systems and repairs.

You’ll spend time at builds, learning the ins and outs of our process with shingles under your feet. We’ve found that spending time on roofs surrounded by our installation experts can really drive home all you’ve learned in class.

You’ll shadow senior members of each team and know every step of our roofing process inside and out. And when you finally get to inspect a customer’s roof yourself, you’ll do so knowing that you are a well-trained expert on the subject.

You’ll also love being free of the pressure to use less-than-scrupulous sales tactics. Your job will be to educate and advise, not push for solutions that you know aren’t necessary.

Our installation crews also undergo a tough training program involving classroom time and hands-on experience. You’ll work with a senior installer until they feel you are ready to fly solo.

We will never send any new hires out into the world before they are ready.

Growth Is Not Just Possible – It’s Expected

Each time we hire a new team member, we do so with high expectations. We aren’t interested in hiring people without ambition. We want you to strive to improve your position in life by moving up within the company.

For project managers, we hope to see you increase your knowledge so that you can help mentor the next generation of project managers.

For installation crew members, we want you to take yourself as far as possible. You can become a crew chief, rise to foreman, or even start training new hires. Nothing makes us happier than when we’re able to promote from within.

If you like people, are driven to succeed, and are willing to take on new responsibilities, you’re our kind of person. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to talk about your future.

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