Core Values

Our Core Values Guide Everything Ottawa Firon Roofing

Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence, And
Teamwork Drive Every Decision We Make

Our Happy Customers And Our Continuing
Successes Prove It Works – And Well

Every company owner in history has opened their doors, with hope blooming in their heart. All hope for a good income, but it’s the ones with deeper intentions that survive for more than just a few years.

When we opened our doors in 2008, we wanted to prove there was a better way to offer roofing services to Ottawa homeowners. To accomplish that, we had to first decide on the principles that would guide our company. It didn’t take long – all we did was take the best of who we were and make those features the core values of Firon Roofing.

Superior Service

Most homeowners see the roofing process as a time of unpleasantness and stress – unless they use Firon Roofing.

Replacing your roof is only part of our job. The other part is to make the experience as pleasant as possible. That begins with keeping our word, and it continues with us asking about and taking action to address any concerns you may have.

Do you have plants you’re worried about? Or neighbours who are less than pleased with the idea of having noisy roofers around for days? Or hate the idea of dealing with a huge mess while we’re doing our thing?

Fret not.

We always take steps to protect foliage and stationary features around the perimeter of your home.

We make a point of speaking to your neighbours, if needed, before installation day to assure them that we take their concerns seriously.

And all of our debris is immediately placed into a dumpster or trailer rather than leaving it spread around your yard until the end of the day.

We can’t make the process any quieter, but we do make the process as unobtrusive and neat as possible, and we never leave your questions unanswered.

Professionalism – ALWAYS

As we stated above, we take great care with your property and never allow a messy work site. Our installers are properly vetted through our hiring process and are always well-groomed and friendly.

Whether you’re speaking with an operator in our office or one of the people installing your new roof, you’re always treated with respect and kindness.

And you’ll never have to deal with harsh language or loud music – our installers know they are guests on your property and act accordingly.

Integrity In All Things

We refuse to be one of those roofing contractors who try to sell you a new roof whether you need one or not. Our estimator’s first job is to educate you on your roofing system and what a good roofing contractor will offer.

If our estimator discovers that you only need a simple repair during the inspection, that’s what they’ll tell you. Most roofing contractors only accept full replacement work – we employ dedicated small-job crews because we’ll never sell you more work than you need.

And if there’s a problem with our work, we come back out and make it right at no cost to you – even if it’s a huge cost for us.

If our production manager sees a problem during the final inspection, they will make certain that it’s resolved – even if the homeowner is thrilled as it sits.

After all, integrity is all about what you do when no one is looking.

Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence

There are many steps to replacing a roof, and the most important ones can’t be seen, even when you’re standing on the finished roof. Many companies use this fact to go cheap or lazy during the early steps – but that’s precisely when we take the most care.

We’ll never hide old rotted boards just to save time, nor accept sloppy work whether or not it can be seen from the ground. And each finished step is double-checked before we move on to the next.

Our high standards, rigorous training, and consistent supervision are why GAF has awarded us Master Elite Installer status and backs our work with the Golden Pledge Warranty – a 25-year-long workmanship guarantee.

We Work As A Team

Often, the various elements of a roofing company are barely aware that the others exist. But at Firon Roofing, our sales, logistics, management, and installation personnel all know one another and work together in one strong well-oiled roofing machine.

Everyone knows their job is just one step in the process, and each team depends on the other working properly to produce a finished product – namely, your beautiful new roof!

And unlike most roofing companies, we like to promote from within. Anyone with the drive can work their way up from installer to foreman or even up into management. The idea is that they mentor and train someone to replace themselves as they move up.

This policy ensures that our company culture is one of nurturing the careers of those on the lower rungs of the ladder. It’s a fantastic system that gives us a group of dedicated employees who genuinely want to help each other achieve their goals.

A Culture Based On Kindness

These five core values are why we’ve been so successful for over a decade and counting.

When you have good people invested in doing their level best for each and every customer, everyone wins, and success is felt by all, and the results are stunning!

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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