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In these days of high energy bills, anything you can do to reduce your energy consumption in Ottawa is a great move. Skylights and sun tunnels are a great way to keep your home’s interior illuminated during the day without using electricity.

They can bring natural light to any location in your home, even a walk-in closet or a dark hallway.

And our snow stoppers and gutter guards are great for eliminating ice dam troubles and clogged gutters. There is no more important task than moving water away from your home, and these accessories help ensure that snowmelt and rainwater go where they should.

Not Your Grandparent’s Skylights

When they first came out, skylights were considered a great way to introduce leaks into your home. But those days are long past.

Modern skylight technology has eliminated the leak problem and added some great features. Depending on the model, new skylights can come with blinds between the panes that can be adjusted through house power, solar power, or your own hands.

There are also venting skylights that you can open to give your home better airflow.

With our skylights’ improved designs, better looks, and increased functionality, paired with our ever-increasing energy bills, there’s never been a better time to replace your old skylight or add new ones to your home.

Sun Tunnels Are Like Magic

Sun tunnels are an economical choice that allows you to bring light into otherwise dark areas of your home. Common places to find sun tunnels are laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and long hallways.

These simple tubes lined with reflective material are mounted on your roof and run through your attic, much like standard vents. They collect the light from the roof and guide it to the space of your choice.

All that is visible inside your home is a lens cover that looks just like any other flush-mount lighting assembly.

The nice thing about sun tunnels is their ability to redirect light to where you need it without needing a hole directly above. So, you can pick the perfect spot on your roof for a new penetration, and then move the light anywhere you’d like from there.

Snow Stoppers = Winter Protection

If you’ve spent any time cruising through the internet, you’ve likely seen videos of huge swaths of snow and ice plummeting from a homeowner’s roof. While those videos can be entertaining, the danger from such snow dumps is quite real.

Those brief waterfalls of snow and ice can weigh a full ton and damage everything they hit.

Snow stoppers keep that from happening with their sturdy bars. Those bars keep the snow in place, far from the edge of your roof. So when temperatures rise, the snow is kept from sliding off in a single massive chunk.

They also make ice dams less likely as they keep the full weight of the snow on your roof from compacting the snow at the edge.

Gutter Guards That Really Work

There are many types of gutter guards available to Ottawa homeowners, but only a handful truly work as advertised.

We’ve selected “Gutter Clean” by Alurex for its balance between performance, cost, and quality. These aluminum gutter guards slip neatly over your existing gutters without interfering with your roof edge.

Their design is perfect for keeping debris larger than a pine needle out of your eavestroughs without the high visibility of the large, expensive, helmet-like systems available today.

And since they are made of aluminum, they won’t rust or rot away like some options offered by our competitors. With Gutter Clean, you get a long-lasting solution that performs well and doesn’t change the look of your home.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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