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And That Means The GAF Product Line And
Their 100+ Years Of Proven Excellence

The roofs in the National Capital Region don’t have it easy. With our annual assaults of high winds and heavy snow doing their best to wear your roof down, your roof must be given every advantage to live a long, leak-free life.

At Firon Roofing, we know how hard our weather can be, so we specialise in placing GAF products on every roof we replace. With GAF roof systems, we know that your roof will last for a generation or more and never succumb to the rigours of our Ottawa weather.

136 Years Of Innovation – And Counting

GAF has been in the asphalt roofing business since 1886, and it continues to be a top innovator in the roofing industry. Everything they produce, from the underlayment to their architectural and designer shingles, is considered by most to be the best in the industry.

Their architectural shingles come with a 50-year guarantee against defects and look amazing.

And their designer shingles can mimic much more expensive roof coverings like cedar shake and slate, but with the reliability and durability of asphalt shingles.

But their innovation doesn’t stop at just their roofing systems.

No other company offers a warranty that equals the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. With each Golden Pledge installation, homeowners get 50 years of 100% material defect and labour coverage plus a full 25 years of workmanship guarantee.

That means that even if your installer goes out of business, GAF will still take care of any workmanship problems you may run into for a full quarter-century!

And if you use designer shingles, you’re covered for 30 years.

They’ve also kept warranty depreciation out of the picture for the same periods, which is virtually unheard of in the roofing industry.

But you can’t get this level of coverage from just any roofer. GAF knows the importance of proper installation techniques, so only a select few can offer their highest level warranties – and Firon Roofing is among those proud few.

Exceptional Installation

It does no good to install the best products on your home unless they come with proper installation. Any small mistakes can make even the hardiest roofing system fail in just a few years.

We take the time to train our installers into detail-oriented roofing experts. We also ensure that they take advantage of every bit of factory training they can get throughout the year.

The result of these efforts is one of the best installation teams in the industry, good enough to be part of the top 2% of roofers in all of North America.

To get there, we had to prove, year after year, that our installers follow every direction, never cut corners, and always choose right over wrong, no matter how small the detail.

Many Choices – But Always Top Quality

Not every homeowner can fit a Golden Pledge roof into their budget. So, we carry multiple levels of GAF products to work with any household budget without skimping on quality.

The GAF System Plus and SIlver Pledge roofing systems still offer 50 years of defect coverage, including labour and zero depreciation. And the workmanship warranty is still included with the Silver Pledge at the industry standard ten years but is backed by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America – GAF.

So, you’re still getting excellent GAF products, but these more economical system levels allow for more flexibility in certain aspects of the roof design, such as the type of vents you’ll use.

Each roofing level is as reliable as the last and often as beautiful (designer shingles are hard to beat), but certain details, like venting, are more visible with the more economical options.

What we refuse to do is compromise on quality. EVER.

Even if we use a non-GAF product, it will be GAF approved and expected to live up to GAF’s stringent standards of longevity and reliability.

Reliability = Trust

We could make a lot more money using inferior products, but we’d lose the trust of Ottawa homeowners. Besides, money isn’t why we sell GAF roofs – reliability is. And reliability is what drives trust.

Unlike some companies from the bad old days of roofing, you’ll never see us changing our company name every four years or so to escape our responsibilities.

We’re much happier providing the best possible roofs and earning the trust that so many other companies have lost in the past.

We like our name, and we love our customers – so anything less than the best at every level is just not acceptable.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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