What Does It Take To Be A Top 2% Roofing Contractor?

April 9, 2024

What Does It Take To Get Recognized
As A Top 2% Roofing Contractor?

Become The Best – Then Get Better

Years of experience, continued training, licensing and insurance, and an A+ BBB rating—do these qualifications sound like what you’re looking for when hiring a roofing contractor in the Greater Ottawa Area?

Well, believe it or not, 98% of roofers do NOT meet those criteria.

Those are the standards to be considered for GAF Master Elite status, a recognition from the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. Only 2% of roofing contractors make the cut.

When you see the GAF Master Elite designation, you’ve found a roofer that’s the real deal.

Here at Firon Roofing, we’re proud to be recognized as part of an elite segment of the roofing industry – and we didn’t get here by accident.

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Passionate About Professionalism

When you think of a contractor being around your home, what comes to mind?

For most homeowners, that idea isn’t exactly positive.

Sadly enough, professionalism in the roofing industry isn’t always guaranteed. Unprofessionalism in the roofing industry runs rampant. Sometimes, you’ll even hear of roofers who show up late, leave a site messy, or play loud music.

Maybe it’s common in the industry, but it’s not normal to us.

Professionals should act like professionals. Here at Firon Roofing, anything else is just unacceptable.

Don’t take our word for it. Our status as a GAF Master Elite contractor says it all.

The key to reaching that sky-high tier of service? From the start, we’ve built a team of folks dedicated to serving you – our customers.

Our team will show up like the pros they are. Accordingly, they’ll greet you, keep you up to date, and treat your home like their own.

Just as importantly, our crew members do their jobs right. They’re craftsmen in the truest sense of the word – they know their stuff, and they care about their work.

When you see the GAF Master Elite designation, you don’t need to feel nervous about whether your roofing contractor will treat you with respect.

Excellence Is The Standard

Many roofing contractors settle for results that are just okay.

The thing is, every house has a roof. Sooner or later, that means roof repairs will come up. So, there are plenty of roofing jobs to be had. Some roofers will take on more of those jobs than their team can handle, and instead of hiring more crew, they start cutting corners on jobs.

Unfortunately, the shortcut approach is common in the roofing industry. And when roofers are in a hurry, they miss details.

Sure, maybe they fixed the leak in your roof. But for how long? If something got missed, then your repairs will just need repairs.

Here at Firon Roofing, we’re dedicated to integrity in our work. Because of this, we’d rather take our time to give you a long-lasting solution than make a quick buck off a fix that won’t hold up.

Everything we do in an installation stems from the idea that every detail is important. In order to get every detail right, we need to learn what a flawless installation involves for each product – so we do.

As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, our crew gets to attend GAF factory training sessions, where we learn exactly how to install products directly from the manufacturer. No shortcuts involved.

The kicker is, in the end, doing things the right way is usually faster than cutting corners anyway. Because our crew knows installation techniques to the letter, they’re incredibly efficient.

When you need roofing repairs or replacement, you don’t want “just okay.” Instead, we strive for exceptional results.

Disappearing Act? Not Here

Ever heard of a roofing contractor vanishing into thin air?

Imagine you’re trying to contact your roofing contractor about an installation concern. But you can’t find them anywhere. Their website is gone, and their phone number is disconnected… What do you do?

It’s not a magic trick – even if it seems so.

Unfortunately, some roofing contractors struggle to maintain a stable presence long-term. It could be staffing issues, an unsustainable workload, or something else entirely. Sometimes, roofers just disappear off the map.

Here at Firon Roofing, we are committed to being there for our clients. How committed? Well, we offer industry-leading guarantees, including up to 25-year workmanship guarranties – that’s a pretty strong statement.

For top roofing companies, stability is a must.

Our solid track record in the roofing industry is one reason we’re recognized as among the top 2% of roofers on the continent. Only reliable roofing contractors with at least seven years of experience are considered for the prestigious GAF Master Elite status.

When you see the GAF Master Elite status, you know your roofing contractor isn’t going to vanish without warning. You deserve that peace of mind.

If you need reliable roofing service in the greater Ottawa area, contact the elite team at Firon Roofing today for a free estimate.