Integrity In All Things

January 24, 2023

Our Dedication To Integrity In All Things Means You
Get Superior Work Guaranteed For Decades

And With Our Honest Assessments, You Will
Never Pay For Work You Don’t Need

We admit it – the Ottawa roofing industry has a long history of less-than-perfect honesty. This reality is one of the main reasons we formed Firon Roofing all those years ago. We wanted to bring integrity to the industry we loved.

Our continued growth and exceptional reviews prove that we made the right decision.

Honest And Thorough Roofing Assessments

For many roofing contractors, the home visit is just a formality. They come to your home determined to sell you a new roof while knowing you hope the answer is a simple repair. But what you wish for won’t make them money, so they will never recommend a repair.

At Firon Roofing, we take a different approach. The first difference is that we actually get on your roof rather than stand in the yard looking through binoculars. And when we encounter a roof that isn’t safe to walk on without safety equipment, we pull out our drone.

Our primary goal is to inspect every inch of your roof, find the source of your problem, and then educate you on what we found so you can make an informed decision.

We’ll tell you if you need a replacement.

We’ll tell you if you need a simple repair.

We’ll tell you when you don’t need our services at all.

Put simply, we’ll tell you the truth no matter what it means to our bottom line.


Because it’s the right thing to do, and we’ve built our success from always choosing to do right, even when nobody’s looking.

Integrity Means Transparency

While it’s true that few home or business owners will ever see our work up close, it doesn’t mean we can leave them with anything but our best efforts.

When assessing your roof, we take multiple images of everything we find – good or bad. Then we take those images and send them to you before we leave your roof. By the time we’re back inside your home, you’ll be able to see everything for yourself.

It’s our policy to take photos to document the work from estimate, to install, to final inspection.

When your roof is complete, your project manager performs a final walkthrough. They will again take multiple photos of everything they see while ensuring that the work meets our high standards.

But they look at more than just your roof. They ensure that your eavestrough is clean and free of damage. And if they see a punchlist item that needs attention, they snap a picture.

We don’t wait to see if you’ll notice the mistake. We bring it to your attention and then make arrangements to solve the problem.

While the chances of you ever finding out on your own are remote, at best, it doesn’t matter. We’ll know, and leaving it be is unacceptable.

Quality Work = Superior Warranties

Roofing manufacturers live and die by two things, and they can only pick one. Extremely low prices can get you volume, and exceptional quality can get you loyalty. Each precludes the other.

So, companies like GAF, where quality is everything, won’t sell to just any roofing contractor. You must prove yourself, again and again, before they’ll even consider allowing you to install their products.

But even then, they will keep tabs on you. If your quality slips, they’ll drop you without remorse. They have a reputation to protect, and they refuse to let any contractor mess it up.

On the reverse side, however, they reward consistently good work with better product lines and, eventually, ridiculously good warranties.

It took years to prove ourselves worthy of Master Elite Contractor status with GAF. Not because we ever failed but due to GAFs insistence that the title take years of proven excellence to gain.

But we didn’t stop there. We continued to provide our customers with stunning results and unmatched service until GAF invited us to join the President’s Club – the pinnacle of roofing contractor quality.

We achieved this because we put everything we have into creating a process that always produces incredible, long-lasting results while giving each client concierge-level service. Without our dedication to integrity, the path to the President’s Club would have been far more difficult.

And thanks to these efforts, we get to offer warranties that would make our competition faint.

We offer up to 30 years of workmanship coverage and up to 50 years of 100% coverage against defects. That means a full half-century of total peace of mind for you.

No crazy fees.

No depreciation.

Just our promise to you that you won’t have to worry about your roof for the next two generations.

If you are concerned about the roof on your Ottawa home or business and want it inspected by a roofer you can trust, contact us at Firon Roofing for a free estimate.