Modern Tech For Better Roofing

February 10, 2023

How We Use Modern Technology To Give Ottawa
Home And Business Owners Superior Results

Better Communication, More Accurate Quotes, And
Thorough Inspections Are Just The Beginning

You may think that, apart from better tools, the Ottawa roofing industry works the same way it has since the 1980s – but you’d be wrong.

New materials, better products, and improved methods now offer home and business owners roofs that can last longer than they’ve ever dreamed. But certain technologies aren’t as quickly adopted as others.

At Firon Roofing, we’ve embraced modern tech to ensure that each client gets the zero-stress experience and amazing results they deserve.

Crystal Clear Communication

The biggest complaint customers have with the home contracting business is the same one they’ve always had – they never know what is happening.

So we use software to track every project from beginning to end. At each step in the process, we notify our customers what is coming next. And if a supply issue comes up, they are immediately informed.

Before their installation day, we send them videos to help them prepare for the process.

For our business clients, we collect the data and tracking information they need to send up the chain, and we can get it to them in a heartbeat.

At no point will you ever feel in the dark. At worst, you might wish we sent fewer updates, but you’ll always know exactly where your project stands.

Putting Drones To Work On Ottawa Roofs

While many Ottawa area roofers may use drones to collect beauty shots for their advertising, we use ours for more serious work.

When we come upon a roof area that is difficult to access, rather than fall back to binoculars from the yard, we let our drones be our eyes. After all, it’s the smallest of details that can determine the true source of your roofing troubles.

Our drones can hover directly over trouble spots we couldn’t safely reach during our inspections. And the fidelity of the images lets us find even small cracks in a boot or worn flashing.

This method allows us to recommend a roof repair when other companies would insist you need a full roof replacement. Not that we’re implying they’d lie; they just lack the necessary tools to look at every inch of your roof.

Drone videos also let our crews know of any problem areas before they begin the installation, which helps them be more prepared for the task at hand.

Our drones have become invaluable tools for our top-notch inspections and have likely saved many customers from buying roofs they didn’t need.

Satellite Imagery For Roofing

Before we head to a customer’s home or business, we pull satellite images of their roof. These images give us amazingly accurate roof measurements and let us anticipate potentially difficult areas to access.

With these pre-visit satellite images, we can determine which customer will need drone footage to accurately assess their roof’s condition.

While we still do onsite measurements of your roof system, the measurements from the satellite images give us a good idea of your needs before we get to your door.

But one thing you’ll rarely see with Firon Roofing is the remote estimate. Some companies use satellite images to offer bids without leaving their desk. To us, nothing will ever replace an onsite inspection.

We love technology for its accomplishments, but we also understand its limitations. Every system we adopt must enhance our ability to offer exceptional service.

If you are concerned about the roof on your Ottawa area home or business and want help from a modern, quality-focused roofing contractor, contact us at Firon Roofing for a free estimate.