5 Signs Of An Honest Roofer

January 3, 2023

Five Key Signs That You’re Dealing With A
Reliable And Honest Ottawa Roofer

It’s Not Just What They Do But Also
What They Don’t That Matters

Let’s face it – everyone in Ottawa has experienced the thrill of the reveal, either in real life or on the screen, at least once. Anything old turned new can create a sense of joy and wonder when the sheets get pulled away.

But there’s a reason that makeover shows never go back to the same home. Once the initial thrill wears off, the cracks begin to show.

The same is true for roofing. Any new roof is bound to look amazing at first blush. But if the details are handled incorrectly, your stunning roof will become a headache in a hurry. So, you want to find a trustworthy roofing contractor dedicated to producing high-quality installations.

But how can you tell when you’ve found the right one?

We’re glad you asked.

1) They Offer Detailed Roofing Contracts

When you read a proposal from any roofing contractor, the warning signs are likely not in the fine print. They’ll be front and center and easily recognized – if you know what to expect.

Often, they’ll mention a type of product but not the manufacturer. Sure, it might say they’ll install an ice and water shield, but what kind?

There’s a world of difference between the bargain basement stuff and the kind we use at Firon Roofing. If the contract doesn’t specify the exact brand and type, you can expect your roofer to use whatever is cheapest at the time of installation.

Our proposals and contracts specify every product we intend to use to build your new roof. That way, you know what you are getting, down to the last nail, and we know precisely what we need to order.

2) They Hand You Proof Of Certifications And Coverage

It may not seem like a huge deal to you now, but the level of insurance and certifications a roofing contractor holds is important to know.

It tells you they have proof that they know what they’re doing. And if they carry extra certifications, you know they are serious about their craft.

As for insurance, whatever liability they fail to cover will fall to you if something happens. If a worker gets injured and the contractor doesn’t carry worker’s comp, you’ll be on the hook for their expenses as they recover.

If a shingle accidentally flies off your roof and breaks your neighbour’s window, you better hope your contractor has liability insurance. Otherwise, that neighbour will be knocking on your door looking for repayment.

At Firon Roofing, we include our certifications and insurance portfolio as part of every proposal. We don’t consider this information something you should be forced to ask to see. We want you to feel comfortable from the beginning, and assuring you that we really are pros and accept all liability for our actions is a great start.

3) They Have Manufacturer-Backed Guarantees

Perfection is an unattainable goal. Excellence, however, is a worthy standard. And while we shoot for excellence in everything we do, errors can still occur.

Workmanship guarantees exist to address those rare situations where a mistake was made during installation. While 10-year guarantees aren’t rare, few are backed by the might of a top-tier manufacturer like GAF.

With Firon Roofing, you get a minimum 10-year guarantee and, depending on the product, can extend it to 30 years, and all backed by GAF. We see our workmanship guarantee as a promise.

A promise made to you – and ourselves.

And GAF is so confident in their products and our installations that were we to disappear tomorrow, GAF will continue to honor your warranty for the next half-century.

4) They Are Punctual

Nobody likes waiting. Nobody.

And the more important the event, the harder waiting becomes. So, waiting can be excruciating when you’re facing the possibility of making an unexpected investment in your home.

We understand this. All roofing contractors understand this. And yet, many treat being late as a non-issue.

If you invite a roofing company representative to your home for an estimate and they run late without warning you with a call or text, send them packing. Take that first impression and understand that this is them putting their best foot forward.

We try never to be late at any project stage, especially when we meet you for the first time. While traffic and other reasonable delays can and will happen here and there, not notifying a client when you’re running behind is unacceptable.

With Firon Roofing, you always know when we’re on our way, when your project will begin, and if anything has altered our schedule. What you will never experience is wondering why we haven’t shown.

5) They Work With A Quality Manufacturer

There are two types of product warranties – those that protect the manufacturer and those that protect the customer. Most quality manufacturers trust their products, are picky about who they allow to install their products, and design warranties that offer customers true peace of mind.

Less concerned manufacturers will sell their products to anyone and protect themselves with warranties designed to make defect claims almost impossible to get approved.

So, these quality-minded manufacturers are careful who they allow to install their roofing systems. It can take years of proven excellence before they take a roofing contractor into the fold.

With GAF, our exclusive asphalt shingle supplier, your protection is job number one. Their least expensive shingle roofing system comes with a lifetime guarantee.

GAFs top products come with workmanship guarantees of up to 30 years and 100% defect coverage (including all labor, removal, disposal, and installation costs) for a full 50 years.

So, if you need work done on your Ottawa area roof and want an honest and reliable roofing contractor to do the job, contact us at Firon Roofing for a free estimate.