If We Couldn’t Use GAF Products, We Wouldn’t Do Roofing

April 15, 2024

If We Couldn’t Install GAF Roofing Products
Then We Wouldn’t Stay In The Industry

Only The Best Will Do For Our Clients

Sometimes, when you order an item online, you’re trusting that the image matches the item you’ll soon receive at your home. Whether it will or not is often up to a flip of the coin – unless you truly know the company fulfilling your order.

Believe it or not, a similar scenario plays out all too often when you’re looking for roof repair or replacement in the greater Ottawa area.

Sometimes, homeowners end up paying full price for a roof built from second-rate materials.

At Firon Roofing, we’ll never put you in that situation. To be honest, installing low-quality roofing would make us downright sad. So, we just don’t.

Instead, we install GAF roofing. We know from experience that GAF products are always top-notch, regardless of price point.

You’re paying for a quality roof, so why would we offer anything less?

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Top-Tech Roofing Science

Here in the Ottawa area, we all know that the weather doesn’t spare anyone or anything – especially not a roof.

Your roof takes the brunt of wind and snow. If you get a roof built from less than top-quality materials, you’ll need roof repairs much sooner than you should.

At Firon Roofing, we specialize in roofs that can stand up to the weather conditions. There are two keys to a roof that lasts: top-notch products and proper installation.

Now, we’ve got the proper installation part covered. Our dedication to integrity means we go out of our way to get every detail right – we could probably recite installation guides word-for-word at this point.

But why do we love installing GAF roofing so much?

Well, GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. They’ve been around since 1886, and they’ve been honing their products that entire time.

It would be pretty hard to beat 130+ years of roofing development.

We’re all about using modern technology to give you better results, so installing GAF shingles is an easy choice.

When you put together installation expertise and top-tech roofing systems, you get a roof that lasts for decades.

Incredibly Valuable Roofing Warranties

Roof replacement is a major investment in your home. So, when you’re choosing a roofing contractor, warranties are likely a consideration.

Let’s be honest – most roofing warranties come with lots of fine print.

Here at Firon Roofing, we keep things simple. We’re installing the best products, and we’re installing them right. So, we’re happy to back up our work with rock-solid warranties.

We are recognized as a GAF Master Elite installer. That’s a recognition given to only the top 2% of roofers on the continent.

What does being a GAF Master Elite installer actually mean, though?

Well, first of all, only roofers with positive client feedback are considered for this lofty title. It means that we’ve consistently demonstrated reliability and honesty that impresses clients and have done so for at least seven years running.

And most importantly, it means that since we follow GAF installation techniques to the letter, we get to pass along some of the very best warranties in the industry.

We get to offer warranties that cover the roofing products for 50 years AND workmanship for 10-25 years. For real.

Turning Roofs Into Masterpieces

Have you ever looked at your home and been impressed by your roof?

For most homeowners, the answer is no. Maybe some shingles are peeling, the color scheme is a little off, or the lines aren’t quite straight.

To us at Firon Roofing, roofs can be masterpieces – not just a necessity.

We take pride in our craftsmanship. That means we’ll go the extra mile to do things like draw outlines to follow so your shingles end up perfectly straight. And we’ll choose products that reflect the quality of our work.

It’s true – if we couldn’t use GAF products, we just wouldn’t do roofing. We couldn’t stand leaving you with anything less than jaw-dropping results.

If you want a stunning roof in the greater Ottawa area, contact the craftsmen at Firon Roofing for a free estimate today.