Why “Shortcut” Is A Dirty Word In Roofing

April 5, 2024

Nailing It: Why Any Good Roofing Contractor
Is Absolutely Addicted To Detail

If You Hear A Roofer Say
“Shortcut,” RUN!

Imagine this: You’ve just had a roof replaced, and you’re excited to check it out. You step outside and see the ground littered with bits of discarded material. You’re confused – the roofers said everything was wrapped up.

Well, this scenario is real for all too many homeowners in the greater Ottawa area.

But here at Firon Roofing, we are obsessive about the details. To us, the alternative just isn’t acceptable.

Why? Well, say something “small” got missed, like one loose shingle. Before you know it, water can seep in under the loose shingle and get through any little crack or seam. Now, you’re looking at a potential roof leak.

You see, there’s no unimportant detail in roofing.

It might seem crazy, but we just can’t leave your home feeling like honest roofers until we are CERTAIN that every last element is just right.

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Good Enough? No Such Thing

We’ve all said it – “Oh, that’s good enough.”

Sure, sometimes good enough is fine – maybe when you’re parking in a tight space and just a hair over the line.

But in roofing, “good enough” doesn’t exist.

At Firon Roofing, we’ve repaired enough failed roofs to understand this concept. When any little thing goes wrong, the damage spreads in a domino effect to the rest of the roof. So, we don’t settle for good enough – or even great.

For us, EXCELLENCE is the bare minimum.

Yes, that’s a high standard. But it’s not impossible.

In fact, we’re so dedicated to excellence that we’re comfortable offering industry-leading workmanship guarantees.

We go the extra mile to ensure flawless roofing results. You’ll never see us taking shortcuts because our crew follows every single step provided by the roofing manufacturer. And, we do even more – like marking lines so shingles appear straight from every angle.

Impeccable results take skillful installers. So, we never send out someone green to learn on the job. Before any of our team members do an installation, they’ve spent hundreds of hours with our most experienced installers.

When you pay a professional for roofing services, you deserve a job done right. We make certain that’s what you get.

Character Is Our #1 Hiring Credential

Most roofing contractors in the greater Ottawa area hire based on experience.

We don’t blame them – that’s the go-to criteria.

But here at Firon Roofing, we skim right past that “work experience” portion of a candidate’s resume.

Seems crazy, right?

Well, we can teach roofing. But we can’t teach character, and in our experience, that matters most.

Don’t get us wrong – we’ll ensure anyone on our team has unquestionable experience before they ever go near your roof. Plus, they’ll be working under pros who have been with us for decades before they make a decision on their own.

We hire to build a team of roofers with integrity in all things.

A conscientious roofer will take the time to go above and beyond and get every detail right. They won’t cut corners. If something does go wrong? They’ll own up to it and make things right.

A kind person will treat their teammates with respect. More importantly, they’ll treat you with respect. They’ll understand the importance of keeping you up to speed throughout your roofing project.

So, those are the qualities we’re looking for.

When our crew is at your home doing roof repairs or replacement, you’ll be dealing with solid people.

We Check, Check, And Check Again

Unfortunately, many roofers just don’t have a sound system in place to check and see if something isn’t right.

Sure, they might try and try again if there’s an obvious problem.

Our team at Firon Roofing believes there’s a better method. We check our work and check again throughout an entire roof replacement or repair.

Due to all these checks, we catch potential issues before they ever have a chance to occur. This makes us an incredibly reliable roofing contractor.

Our process includes supervision built-in at every step of a roofing project. We have our work crews upload photos of their progress throughout the day. Sometimes, it takes that second set of eyes to catch tiny details that need improvement.

We care about your results, so we’ll do everything we can to provide quality results – and that means no shortcuts.

If you need roofing repairs or a roof replacement in the greater Ottawa area and want to use a roofer who’ll get the details right, contact us at Firon Roofing today for a free estimate.