Our Guarantees Scare The Competition

February 3, 2023

Why Most Ottawa Roofing Contractors Can’t
Match Our Industry-Leading Warranties

Excellent Guarantees Require Great Faith
In Your Methods And Your People

While you may find Ottawa roofing contractors who offer ten-year workmanship guarantees, the small print gives them away. Depreciating coverage is a popular method for defraying the cost of honouring long-term workmanship guarantees.

You see, without the backing of a major manufacturer, lengthy guarantees can be a serious risk for most contractors.

But that’s just one of the reasons the thought of matching our guarantees, the large print AND the little, keeps other roofing contractors up at night.

Penny Smart – Pound Foolish

Roofing contractors with no alliance with a major manufacturer enjoy a certain freedom. It’s a terrible one to indulge in, but it keeps costs down.

These contractors are famous for building what the industry calls ‘Franken-Roofs.’ These are roofs where the components come from whichever manufacturer has the lowest price at the time.

What you end up with is a roofing system made of parts that aren’t designed to work together.

Will it keep the water out of your home?

Sure – for a while.

But all that money they saved on inexpensive products will disappear when the warranty-based repairs start rolling in. So, the thought of offering a straightforward long-term workmanship guarantee gives them the shivers.

They need the depreciating coverage, caveats, and add-on fees like disposal or tear-off (things that are simply part of the job) to prevent runaway costs.

Poorly Trained Installers

Now, you may think these issues can’t possibly happen often enough to affect policy, but you’d be wrong. These same roofing companies also use cheap labour to control costs.

In their world, if you can hold a hammer, you can be a roofer. And sure, on the surface, roofing installation appears simple enough. And it can be – if everything goes just right. But getting there is far from simple.

Each roof system is unique, and it takes knowledge and experience to see the differences. These contractors know this and still consider formal training a waste of time and money. They know that “good enough” will usually let them squeak past the warranty period.

And if it doesn’t, well, that’s where the less-than-stellar guarantees come in to save the day.

Zero Backing From A Major Manufacturer

The choice to build Franken-Roofs comes with a cost. Every post-installation expense is on the contractor unless they can prove a product defect. So, again, they design their contracts with that in mind.

At Firon Roofing, we’ve never been interested in building piecemeal roofing systems. Our relationship with GAF allows us to create roof systems we know will last for generations.

Through GAF, we have access to (and must use) extensive training resources that ensure our installers are among the best, and we go through consistent technology updates to ensure we are always at the leading edge of the roofing industry.

  • We know the details upon which your new roof’s longevity rests are done right.
  • We know the methods we use represent the current best practices of roofing.
  • We know all components of your roofing system are engineered to work perfectly together.
  • We know every bit of material we use is durable, efficient, and of top quality.

Knowing these truths, we don’t need to put caveats, depreciation, or silly fees into our guarantees. For us, warranty issues are exceptionally rare. But when they pop up, the last thing we want to do is hand a new bill to our customer.

So – we don’t.

We come out, make it right, and go on our way.

Understanding The Firon Roofing Guarantees

You will never get fewer than 10 years out of your workmanship guarantee with Firon Roofing. This means that if anything we did during the installation of your roof system is causing a problem, we’ll fix it.

No fees. No surprises. Just an apology and a solution.

Now, that’s our guarantee.

GAFs guarantee takes things to a whole other level.

The level of your GAF guarantee depends on the roofing system you want installed. For their standard systems, you get our 10 years of workmanship coverage and GAFs standard lifetime warranty on the shingles.

Things get really interesting when you invest in a Silver or Golden Pledge roofing system.

With Silver Pledge systems, you get GAFs 10-year workmanship coverage and 50 years of 100% coverage on your lifetime shingle warranty. This means no labour fees, no tear-off fees, no disposal fees, and no material fees.

With a Golden Pledge system, you get the same amazing shingle warranty, but your workmanship coverage goes up to 25 years. And for some designer shingles, it’s 30 years.

You may wonder why GAF’s 10 years of workmanship coverage matters when we offer the same thing. Well, if we were to suddenly disappear, GAF would honour your warranty in our place.

So, with the right GAF roofing system, you can get 30 years of total peace of mind.

Why We Don’t Fear Our Warranties

As we’ve stated, it’s the potential cost of honouring high-level guarantees that frightens our competition.

So, why aren’t we afraid, too? After all, we don’t even use legalese and fees to limit our liabilities.

It’s easy. We know the quality of our workers and our manufacturer. They are all industry leaders.

While other contractors may think of their warranties as expressing the outside limit of their builds, we consider our guarantees a minimum expectation.

GAF feels the same way. Besides, they don’t let just anyone offer these warranties. Only Master Elite Contractors get to provide such coverage because GAF trusts us to get everything right every single time.

Simply put, we don’t fear our warranties because we make an effort to ensure they are rarely needed.

If you need a new roof for your Ottawa home or business and want one you know will last generations, contact us at Firon Roofing for a free estimate.