Trust Our Roofing Process For Lasting Results

February 19, 2024

Trust Firon Roofing’s Process For Detailed,
Consistent, And Long-Lasting Results

From Replacement To Repairs, We Offer
Honest Answers And Peace Of Mind

We get it. You need a roofing contractor in Ottawa, and you need one sooner rather than later.

Nasty weather can do a number on your roof – and in a hurry.

Finding the right contractor can be challenging, even if you’ve been planning a roof replacement.

Who do you trust?

You trust the contractor with a process focused on offering the best solution for your roofing issues.

At Firon Roofing, our process is detailed, our performance is consistent, and our customers are beyond satisfied.

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Home Visits Focused On YOUR Needs – Not Ours

Our process, on its face, is simple.

How can we help solve your roof’s problems?

When we visit your home, we’re not there to sell you anything. We’re there to work with you to determine what’s wrong with your roof and what it needs to function correctly again.

We’ll perform a meticulous inspection of your roof. We’ll comb through every detail necessary to find the root of any issues you’re having and give you an honest assessment of what your roof needs.

If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced, we won’t tell you that it does. If your roof just needs a minor repair, then that’s what we’ll suggest.

And we’ll do it with no pressure placed on you to sign anything.

Simplifying The Insurance Claim Process

An insurance claim is one of the last things you want to deal with after your roof is damaged.

Unfortunately, It’s usually a necessity.

Our process involves assisting you with your insurance claim. We understand how insurance claims work. We know what the adjusters need to see and how to navigate their system – which allows us to take all that off your shoulders and help you get the best value for your claim.

We have a reputation with insurance companies. They know we don’t add extra work, so they trust our recommendations, which tends to help speed up the process.

Keeping You In The Loop

NO ONE wants to feel left out, especially when spending their hard-earned money.

Imagine hiring a roofer that doesn’t keep in contact with you throughout your project.

With Firon Roofing, our process is based on consistent communication from our initial contact through the final walkthrough.

Our commitment to open communication includes:

  • Appointment verification
  • Update messages with project details
  • Emails with instructions on how to prepare

You will always be kept informed and have an open line to communicate with us.

Overseeing Every Aspect Of Your Project

Oversight is crucial to a project’s quality and success.

During your roof replacement, our process will involve oversight elements built-in to ensure your roof installation meets the high standards we have at Firon Roofing.

Every step is documented, reviewed, and approved before the next step can be taken.

From images of progress consistently being taken and uploaded to project manager visits and check-ins, your installation’s quality will NEVER be taken lightly.

Obsessing Over The Details

We ensure the quality of your roof replacement by stripping it to the decking and checking for problems before proceeding.

If we catch anything that was hidden, we’ll discuss it with you before we take any extra steps.

Then there are the manufacturer’s recommendations. These don’t exist as just suggestions. They’re a baseline for quality – one that we don’t dip below.

Our installation techniques include precise calculations on where venting should be placed. We use only superior building materials.

And that’s because we provide roofing services that meet the standard you deserve.

So, the next time you need roofing services in Ottawa, choose a contractor whose process you can trust.

Choose Firon Roofing.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.