Why Your Feedback Matters So Much

March 16, 2024

Any Roofer Can Toot Their Own Horn

But When Their Clients Join In –
It’s Time To Pay Attention

Reading online reviews is just a small part of doing your due diligence before hiring a roofing contractor in Ottawa.

However, while just a small part, customer reviews and testimonials are integral to your decision-making puzzle.

And not only for you but for your community as well.

At Firon Roofing, we pride ourselves on Five-Star service and the satisfaction of our customers. So, every review we receive is important to us.

We want our community to brag about Firon Roofing!

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We Learn What’s Important To You

It’s essential for any successful company to listen to its customers.

What do they want?

What do they appreciate?

What makes them tell their neighbors about us?

It not only fills us with joy to see our previous clients satisfied with our work and leaving reviews for our community, but it also gives us insight.

Our online reviews tell us quite a bit. Even from a shorter review, we can get a great understanding of some of the things our customers appreciate, including:

  • Being On Time
  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • Detailed Explanations

As Andrew mentions, he’ll call Firon Roofing the next time he needs reliable roofing services.

  • Andrew W.

    “My experience with the Firon team was excellent. The estimator was on time and gave me detailed explanations about pricing, products, and options. Sheph and the crew worked hard to get the roof done during a stretch of difficult weather.

    The office staff and follow-up from the project manager were pleasant and professional. The price was competitive. I would recommend and use again without hesitation.”

Our customers appreciate pleasant and professional. And that’s who we are.

Reviews Help You Choose A Contractor

Online reviews are among the most useful tools when choosing a roofing contractor. There are usually many of them, varying in their focus from review to review.

What matters most is how they assist you with your choice.

Our reviews show you how we differ from other contractors you might be considering. They can show you how we operate and what sets us apart.

What sets us apart?

As Christopher explains, we actually climb up onto your roof and walk it in person during our inspections, as opposed to looking at satellite images through Google Maps from the office.

  • Christopher J.

    “I called several companies for an estimate. All of them except Firon did a review on Google Maps. Firon sent someone to climb onto my roof, look at the condition, and make an estimate based on my actual roof condition.

    When it came time to do the work, the installers did it in one day, cleaned all my small pieces, and were very friendly and professional. The company came and did a final inspection taking pictures of areas I requested.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the job they did and their professionalism. I have recommended them to a couple of neighbors and would recommend them to anyone reading this review.”

Our reviews help our future customers sift through the other contractors to reach us.

Reviews Benefit Your Community

When you find a business or product that has met or exceeded your expectations, you’ll likely be happy to tell others.

That’s exactly how online reviews work. Every customer who writes a review shares their personal experience with Firon Roofing. They’re allowing potential clients an opportunity to gain an understanding of what their roof replacement or repairs would be like.

Who doesn’t want to know what they’re getting into before they leap?

When you leave a review, you’re helping others throughout your community choose the best roofing contractor for their home.

Kyle’s review tells others that Firon is there for you when needed.

  • Kyle L.
    “Firon did a great job fixing our roof in a pinch. We had a leaky roof. I called them, and they were here the same day to do an inspection. A couple of days later, they were here to seal it up. We are very satisfied with their emergency service.”

Even in an emergency, you can count on Firon Roofing.

Choose The Roofer Your Community Raves About

Whether you’re looking for roofing services or we’ve just completed service on your roof, client feedback is pivotal.

The information shared benefits everyone, and we appreciate every word.

The next time you need roofing services in Ottawa and want the contractor your community loves, contact Firon Roofing and schedule your free estimate.