GAF Warranties Offer Peace Of Mind

May 3, 2024

Exclusive GAF Warranties Offer Peace Of Mind

You Won’t Find A Better Warranty In The Industry

A warranty is a lot like insurance – you have it but never actually want to use it. And if you unfortunately have to make that warranty call, you’re likely, at best, hopeful the company will uphold the policy.

But far too often, your warranty has been voided or not what you thought it was.

Sometimes, it’s the contractor, and sometimes, it’s the products. Finding building materials with the RIGHT manufacturer’s warranty can be challenging – and even tougher to find a contractor who truly stands behind their work.

You need a roofing contractor you can trust, like Firon Roofing.

We stand by our warranties because we know they’ll protect you, your roof, and your home when needed.

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Warranties Offered Only By GAF’s Master Elite

A warranty is supposed to be a long-lasting safety measure that protects your purchase.

And that’s the reason we choose to install GAF products almost exclusively. Along with their phenomenal quality, which leads to top-tier roofing systems, the GAF manufacturer warranties are in a class all by themselves.

GAF’s Silver and Golden Pledge warranties last up to 50 years for material defects, with no depreciation and continued coverage for life. The duration alone gives homeowners long-lasting protection for an investment they may make only once or twice in a lifetime.

Investing in a roof replacement is a big deal, and your warranty should reflect that.

You won’t find these warranties available from just any Ontario roofer. GAF reserves them for its Master Elite-Certified contractors. They know that only top-tier roofing contractors have the knowledge and integrity needed to support the needs of a half-century guarantee.

That means a contractor like Firon Roofing.

Not only are we Master-Elite certified, but we’ve taken it one step further and are recognized as members of GAF’s President’s Club. While less than 2% of contractors in North America qualify for the Master Elite designation, less than half of those qualify for the President’s Club.

It’s safe to say we have high standards. That goes for both our warranties and our installations.

Workmanship Backed By The Manufacturer

A crucial component of GAF’s Golden and Silver Pledge lifetime warranties is how they function.

GAF backs the workmanship portion of their warranties themselves – unlike some of the other manufacturer warranties you’ll find.

With many other warranties, manufacturers only cover their products, which leaves the workmanship warranty to the roofing contractor. And you can guess what happens if you’re left holding a contractor’s workmanship warranty only to discover they’ve gone out of business.


In addition, the standard contractor warranty doesn’t usually come close to the workmanship coverage GAF offers, which is another point of protection for you.

Firon Roofing will always be your first point of contact if you need roofing services. However, in the case that something happens to Firon Roofing and we are no longer there for you, GAF will send another Master Elite contractor to handle your warranty call.

It’s GAF adding another layer of protection for you.

The GAF Windproven Warranty

Missing shingles are becoming a more common issue. High winds and tornadoes are becoming more commonplace in the Greater Ottawa area, and many families have suffered roof damage over recent years.

As part of GAF’s Golden and Silver Pledge warranties, the GAF Windproven warranty protects your roof from wind-related damage. And the most vital part of the warranty is its wind speed limit.

There isn’t one!

GAF’s Windproven warranty doesn’t have a wind speed limit. No matter how fast the wind blew that damaged your roof, you’ll have a warranty to repair or replace it.

This is one of the many reasons why Firon Roofing partners with GAF and trusts their products and warranties.

Protect Your Roof – Protect Your Home

While your roof’s warranty is something you hope you’ll never need, life happens.

Whether the problem is weather-related, product failure, or even a mistake during installation, your warranty ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket for something that isn’t your fault.

We trust GAF because they offer the products and warranties that our customers deserve.

And that leads to peace of mind for you and your family.

So, if you are searching for a professional roofing contractor in the Greater Ottawa area and want one you can trust to offer superior products and warranties, contact Firon Roofing to schedule a consultation.