Choose Only The Best Roofing Company In Greater Ottawa

April 22, 2024

Don’t Choose Anything Other Than The Best
Roofing Contractor Available For Your Home

Don’t Settle On So-So Quality – We Don’t

Selecting the right roofing contractor in the Greater Ottawa area can mean the difference between a fantastic roof replacement or one you’re just…

…okay with.

Don’t let that be you.

Doing your homework on companies before making a decision can lead you to make the correct choice.

The correct choice is Firon Roofing.

Whether it’s residential or commercial roofing services you require, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with exceptional roofing services.

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We’re GAF Specialists

When hiring the best roofing contractor, you’ll want one that uses the best products.

At Firon Roofing, that’s precisely what we do. We don’t settle for anything less than building materials that offer you top-tier roofing systems.

GAF roofing products have been around since 1886, and their products have only become better over time.

Now, when we say we’re GAF specialists, we mean it.

With GAF, we have earned a few incredible distinctions, including:

  • GAF Master Elite Contractor
    • It is reserved for the best roofing companies in North America, with only about 2% of roofing companies achieving this status.
  • GAF Triple Excellence
    • Incredible Customer Service.
    • Precise Installations.
    • Stand-Out Roofing Production.
  • GAF President’s Club
    • Once achieving GAF Master Elite status, the best of the best are offered President’s Club membership, which takes a year’s worth of the highest levels of performance to reach.
All of this experience and maintaining excellent performance means you and your home or business will receive exceptional roofing services. From materials to installations, Firon Roofing is second to none.

We Refuse To Compromise On Quality

Our commitment to excellence is as strong as our reputation, and our awards and certifications testify to that dedication.

No matter how small the detail, cutting corners isn’t an option. Our roofing experts are trained to perform precise installations across homes and commercial buildings.

You deserve the best quality service.

It’s your hard-earned money that you’re spending, and we understand that. Whether your business needs a new roof or your home’s roof just needs a few repairs, when you hire Firon Roofing, your project will receive the respect it deserves.

And that means high-quality work and service.

Why trust your home or business with anything less?

Our stellar reputation, amazing reviews, and outstanding qualifications set us apart from your many other choices for roofing contractors.

Our products and our company are reliable, just like our warranties.

Our Warranties Prove Our Commitment To Excellence

Warranties are often forgotten about until they’re needed.

Some companies lack professional behavior. They might never talk about their warranties or even try to change the subject when you ask.

Not Firon Roofing.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, even if some of our so-called “competitors” don’t.

Being GAF Master Elite certified doesn’t just mean you’ll receive the best products.

It doesn’t just mean you’re going to receive the best installations.

It does mean you’re also going to receive the best warranties as well.

The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty we offer is reserved only for GAF Master Elite companies.

For homeowners, that means 50 years of coverage for materials and 25 years of coverage for workmanship. This kind of coverage means decades of your purchase being protected.

It means peace of mind.

Those words can be almost priceless, and Firon Roofing is who can make that happen.

Remember, choosing the right contractor for your roofing needs can be the difference between excellent roofing services and beginning another search for a roofing contractor a few years down the line.

Is there anything worse than looking for a new contractor to make up for the mistakes of your last contractor?

Skip that headache and contact Firon Roofing for your next roofing project in the Greater Ottawa Area. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.