8 Signs You Need A Roofer For Condos In Glebe, ON

November 3, 2023

8 Signs You Desperately Need A Roofer
For Your Condos In Glebe, ON

Pay Attention To The Signs To
Avoid A Roof Disaster Later

When you need clarification on what is going on with your roof, you may need a roofer for condos in the Glebe, ON area. After all, letting minor issues slide rather than dealing with them could be a huge mistake and you may be heading towards disaster.

The roof of your condo is meant to protect the interior and is on the front line of the weather that we see hitting the Greater Ottawa area. Thus, a roof that is structurally sound, waterproof and ready to perform is necessary.

When roofs are not maintained, disaster can hit. In worst-case scenarios, the roof can become so damaged it falls on the home and those living there. But how do you know when you need a roofer for your condo?

Check out these eight signs that you might desperately need a roofer for your condos to come to the rescue. Remember, knowing the signs of when a roofer is needed can help you avoid a disaster later.

1. Your Glebe, ON Condo Roof Has Some Age To It

How old is your current roof? If you see neighbors with condos of the same age starting to replace their roofs, that could signal that you need to call a condo roofer.

If you know your roof is at least twenty or more years old, then it is time to consider roof replacement. On average, an asphalt roof has a lifespan of 15-20 years.

However, harsh winters can significantly diminish the lifespan of a roof. Severe storms in the milder months can also cause damage to your roof, which can affect how long it lasts.

2. Condo Roof Repair Is Needed When Shingles Are Missing

When you notice shingles missing, it is a huge sign you need a roofer for condos – missing shingles, even if only one or two, is not a DIY task.

Roofers will be able to repair the missing shingles and check those nearby to determine if they are loose and repair them as well. After all, there is the potential that water has damaged the underlayment, causing asphalt shingles to lose their grip, which is why a professional is the best option for repair.

3. Algae, Mold, Or Moss Is Growing
On Your Glebe, ON Condo Roof

Do you see sections of your roof that have something growing on them? In most cases, the growth is often near your gutters or in shaded areas, but it can occur anywhere.

These growths are not something to dismiss, as they can signal a massive issue. It could be you have tons of moisture under the roof that is causing it, and it could be weakening the entire roofing system.

While many try to wash these substances off, that is not a fix. It only temporarily makes the roof less of an eyesore. You need a professional roofer for condos to handle the issue.

4. Ice Dams Mean Calling In A Roofer For Condos

During the winter, do you see ice dams forming? If so, calling a roofer should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Ice dams can cause massive damage to your roof, gutter system, and entire home. Luckily, a qualified roofer will know how to ensure ice dams are a thing of the past for your condo.

5. Seeing Granules In Your Glebe, ON Gutters

While some granule loss from your asphalt roof is normal, when it starts to pile up inside your gutter system, it is a massive sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life.

As granule loss continues, the sun will beat down on the asphalt and bake the shingles to the point they start to curl, warp, and deteriorate. If left alone, it will result in water penetrating the underlayment and possibly the interior of your condo.

6. Call A Roofer For Condos At The
First Signs Of Interior Leaks

A huge sign that you need a roofer for your condo is when you start to have leaks inside your home. Unfortunately, when you start to see water pouring from your ceiling or even water damage to the walls, the damage to your roof is often severe.

In these cases, a total replacement is frequently needed to stop leaks from entering your home.

7. Sagging Glebe, ON Condo Roofs

Stand outside your condo and look at your roof. Does it have a lot of dips and weaves in it? If so, you could be dealing with a sagging roof.

A sagging roof can be a sure sign of trouble. It could mean water has penetrated the underlayment of your roof, even if you have yet to see a leak inside your home.

To correct a sagging roof, a condo roofer will often have to remove the old asphalt and look at the damage to the underlayment and sheathing. In most cases, a complete replacement will be needed to correct the damage and have your condo looking great again.

8. A Roofer For Condos Is Needed When Cracks Are Noticed

It can be hard to spot a crack in your roof until it grows. However, if you see what looks like a line through several shingles, that is often a crack.

Cracked shingles allow water to penetrate the asphalt, leading to shingles quickly blowing off your roof with a gust of wind. It is best to have these cracks looked at by a professional roofer to determine the issue and the best course of action to correct it.

Firon Roofing Is The Professional Glebe, ON
Roofer For Condos To Contact

If you require a roofer for condos in the Glebe, ON area, then Firon Roofing has come to the rescue. We work with residential homeowners, including those who have condos or multi-family homes, to repair or replace their asphalt roofing.

Call us today at 613-821-6222 for a free quote.

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1. Loud Music

Who wants to hear music blasting through their home or neighborhood all day? We certainly don’t! Some other contractors may find a loud, intrusive work environment appropriate. But we believe respecting our customers’ (and their neighbors’) peace and quiet is more appropriate. And we keep our on-the-job conversations to an audibly acceptable volume so you can concentrate on the more important things in your life. Trust us – you and your neighbors will thank us!

2. Poor Communication

Roofing contractors are notorious for poor communication. They’re either impossible to get in touch with, don’t answer your calls, or seemingly fall off the face of the planet altogether. And when installation day comes, customers are often left completely in the dark. At Firon, we keep you informed throughout your whole project by giving you scheduling updates and always keeping you up to speed on any changes along the way. Our communication policy is simple – we call you before you need to call us.

3. Messy Aftermath

No one wants to be left picking nails out of their lawn days or months after their roofing installation. Unfortunately, a quick and sloppy wrap-up and pack-up is common in the roofing industry, leaving debris scattered across your lawn. However, at Firon, our installation process includes a thorough clean-up. After your roofing project is complete, we run magnets over your lawn and blow out your gutters to ensure we get every last piece of debris. You can count on a quality roof installation AND spotless clean up with us.

4. Exterior Home Damage

Another common unprofessional occurrence in the roofing industry is unexpected damage to the exterior of your home. Whether this involves damage to your home or landscaping, it can be prevented with the right contractor. That’s why at Firon, we use plywood to protect your windows and home exterior while laying down tarps over your deck, shrubbery, pool, AC unit, and flowerbeds. By fully protecting the outside of your home, we set your project up for damage-free success.

5. No Project Leadership

A major issue for many roofing projects is the lack of leadership involved. But without a project manager on site, many issues can arise that affect the quality of your project, especially involving accountability. We always have a foreman on site to oversee the crew and ensure everything is done to Firon’s standards. AND THEN, we send in our Production Managers to thoroughly inspect your roof after the installation is completed. This way, we can 100% guarantee your roofing project meets our gold quality standard.

6. Lack Of Professional Training

All too often, we see roofing projects with shoddy workmanship and amateur installation techniques. And this almost always leads to water leaks, structural damage, and other ongoing roofing issues. How do we know this happens? Because we’re the ones that come in afterward to fix the mistakes. So, we ensure everyone on our team is professionally trained by our trusted manufacturer, GAF, themselves. As Master Elite roofing contractors, we confidently guarantee your installers have undergone intense, informative, and hands-on training to deliver long-lasting, quality results.

Finally…Discover Professional Roofing In Ottawa At Firon

We’re just as frustrated with the unreliable, unprofessional roofing contractor stereotype as you are. And we’re doing something about it! At Firon Roofing, you can experience the highest-quality roofing results without sacrificing professional service. Our five-star customer care ensures you get a communicative, respectful, and pleasant stress-free roofing experience. So, when you’re ready to experience professional roofing, Firon Roofing is here for all your Ottawa roofing needs. Call us today for a free quote!