What Greely, ON Homeowners Need To Know About Insurance Restoration Claims

November 28, 2023

6 Things Greely, ON Homeowners Need To Know About Insurance Restoration Claims

Understanding The Process Can Make An Insurance Claim Easier

Do you know what to do if you have to consider insurance restoration claims in Greely, ON? Or will you go through this process and hold on for dear life, hoping for the best? Understanding the insurance claim process is necessary for every homeowner in the Greater Ottawa area. A better understanding of the process, your responsibility, and the issues you may encounter can prepare you. Let’s face it: the process of starting an insurance claim is something that is frowned upon by the majority of homeowners. The process has a reputation as being slow and upsetting. Hopefully, by understanding some of the significant components of the process, you are better prepared. Check out these six things to know about insurance restoration claims!

1. The Insurance Restoration Claims Adjuster Is Not Personally Out To “Get You”

One of the misunderstandings that tons of people have is that the adjuster your insurance company sends out to look at your home is out to get you. They are often considered the “bad guys” that homeowners must battle in the claims process. Adjusters have the job of looking at the damage to your home and documenting this damage for the insurance company. Remember, the adjuster is not the main person who decides to approve or deny your claim. They are simply the researcher to give all the information to the insurance company. So, before you start ranting at the adjuster, remember they have a demanding job that often does not get any appreciation. And they are often overworked to the point they are exhausted.

2. Denied Insurance Restoration Claims Are Often Due To Paperwork Errors

How many people get denied on their insurance claim? While that data is unavailable, if you talk to your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family, you may think it is relatively high. What most people don’t realize is that most denied claims are due to the insurance paperwork not being filled out correctly by the homeowner. It doesn’t have to be a colossal error; it can be something as simple as being off by a few years on the age of your roof that can deny a claim. The critical aspect for homeowners to remember is to take their time filling out their portion of the claim paperwork. And reach out for help if you need clarification on what to do or how to answer some questions.

3. Waiting To File An Insurance Restoration Claim Can Backfire On You

One of the biggest mistakes that lots of homeowners make is that they wait to file an insurance restoration claim until the weather is good or they feel like there is more time to do the paperwork. By waiting to file a claim, you are painting a big red ‘X’ on yourself. If you wait to file a claim, you are potentially telling your insurance company that the damage you have at the moment was made worse by you not acting promptly. Most insurance companies will consider this a form of negligence and don’t have to pay for any restoration.

4. The Average Claim Can Take 3 To 18 Days To Be Approved In Greely, ON

The national average throughout North America for an insurance claim to be approved or denied is anywhere from three to eighteen days. While the approval or denial process once was a few days, it has grown exponentially due to the number of claims insurance companies are dealing with now. For homeowners, it means at the first sign of damage that you believe is covered by your insurance policy, you need to start the claims process. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting while the damage to your home worsens as time passes.

5. Don’t Rush To Clean Up Damage To Your Greely, ON Home

When you experience damage to your Greely, ON home that your insurance must cover, do not make the mistake of cleaning up too soon. Many homeowners clean up as soon as possible, wanting the mess gone. However, in doing so, they could be jeopardizing their insurance restoration claim. Instead, you should document with pictures of the damage caused and let your adjuster see it. The more people can see the damage, the better your claim will be.

6. Get Help With Insurance Restoration Claims When You Need It

The best advice any Greater Ottawa homeowner can remember is that there is help, so use it! Making a claim on your home insurance can be daunting if you have never done it before. Luckily, Firon Roofing is here to help. We offer insurance restoration services In Greely, ON that include not only doing the work once your claim is approved but also helping you through the claim process. We can help ensure you have the proper documentation for your claim and highlight the damage to your home. With our expertise, your claim could be processed faster since all your paperwork will be in order. Call us today at 613-821-6222 for your free quote!