Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Ottawa House Roof

May 29, 2023

8 Signs You Need Roof Replacement For Your Ottawa House

If You See Any Of These Signs, Call The Professionals At Firon Roofing

The importance of your roof cannot be overstated in Ottawa. After all, if your roof is absent, all of nature will affect your home. However, what happens if your roof is present but needs replacing?

Despite how much care you take for your roof, you will find that it slowly starts to lessen in its effectiveness. When you see these signs, it means that a roof replacement is in your near future in the Greater Ottawa area.

Check out the nine signs that should immediately have you calling the professionals to determine when they can arrange a look and what roof replacement options you have.

1. Missing Shingles

If your Ottawa, Ontario, home has an asphalt roof, stand back in your yard and look at it. Do you see missing shingles? Or have you found shingles in your yard after a windstorm?

In these situations, missing shingles can be a huge sign you need to have your roof replaced. Any missing shingles are decreasing the roof’s effectiveness in protecting your house.

2. Curling Shingles

While you may not see any shingles missing, how are they lying on the roof? When shingles become detached, they start to curl. Many people describe this as buckling.

When curling happens, it is easy enough for the wind to pick up the shingle and rip it off of the roof. There could be instances in which roof repair can fix a few curled shingles, but if you see a lot of shingles with damage, roof replacement is often the better option.

3. Growth Of Mold, Moss, Or Fungi

Look around the roof and see if you spot any mold, moss, or fungi growing on the roof. If you have shady areas of your roof that never see the sun, mold and moss are more likely to develop.

The growth of mold, moss, and fungi can indicate an underlying issue, such as moisture getting into the roof’s underlayment and leading to growth. In these situations, roof replacement is often recommended so you can have the underlayment replaced completely to remove moisture.

4. Granules In Gutters

When cleaning your gutters, are you seeing granules in the gutters? Granules are the tiny bits of shingles that flow down the roof into the gutter.

Granted, some granules are always going to be seen. However, if you start to see more and more granules, it often signals that your asphalt roofing is weakening.

5. Leaks In Your House

A huge sign you need a roof replacement in the Greater Ottawa area is when you have leaks coming inside your home. If you have to put buckets around your living area to catch water, then you are in a dire situation and need a roof replacement as soon as possible.

When you already see the leaks in the house, it often means they have been present for quite some time. Leaks often start in your attic, run down the walls and into the subfloor before you see physical water leaking into your home.

On top of the leaks, you may find that the paint starts bubbling up due to moisture damage. In either situation, you are looking for a roof replacement and some interior work within your Ottawa home.

6. Noticeable Dips In The Roof

When standing in your front yard, does your roof look level? Or do you see dips and weaves in the roof? Seeing dips and weaves can be a massive sign that your roof needs some TLC or a complete replacement.

7. Discoloration

While discoloration is due to the sun hitting the roof and fading it in certain areas, it can also be a sign your roof will need replacing soon as the sun can break it down over time.

However, as soon as you start seeing discoloration, you can ensure extra checks are being made to avoid leaks, missing shingles, and other issues.

8. Age

How old is your roof? While age is not a visible sign your roof needs replacement, it gives you a good idea of when a replacement is required. Despite roof maintenance, every roof will age out eventually.

The roof material you have on your home will determine the lifespan of your roof. For example, a cheap asphalt roof may only last fifteen years. If you don’t remember when your roof was installed, looking for visual signs is your best bet to determine when you need a roof replacement.

In addition, it is recommended that you have your roof inspected at least once a year. Inspections can be a great way to avoid issues that are seen so they can be repaired. Plus, your roof inspector will give you an idea of when your roof will need to be replaced.

When your Ottawa roof is nearing the end of its days, you might see several signs pointing you toward a roof replacement. By knowing the signs, you can prepare yourself and get the professionals on your side to ensure your house is not further damaged.

One of the most prominent signs that your roof needs replacing in the Greater Ottawa area is seeing leaks within your home. Often, once you see leaks in your home, the roof has probably been damaged for quite some time.

If you have seen mold, mildew, or algae growth on the roof, it could signal a moisture issue within your roofing system – something that will require roof replacement to correct.

Other signs pointing to your roof needing a future replacement are missing, curled, or bulging shingles. Anytime your shingles no longer look flat or even the same color as they once were, it could signal they are past the point of being highly effective.

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If you see signs on your Ottawa roof that showcase your roof is in distress, then it is time to act. Don’t wait until you are dealing with many issues inside your home because the roof is in poor shape.

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