Lifetime Roof Shingles In Orleans, ON

May 5, 2024

Why Lifetime Roof Shingles Are The Best
Option For Orleans, ON Homeowners

Is Lifetime Roofing Something
You Should Consider?

Having your roof replaced means having to choose the best roofing material for your home. Lifetime roof shingles in Orleans, ON are a popular option for homeowners.

Why is that? Well, wouldn’t you be interested in roofing that is meant to last a lifetime so you aren’t having to go through the roof replacement process again?

Many homeowners in the Greater Ottawa area choose lifetime roof shingles because they want reliable roofing that will last. If you are still unsure whether lifetime roofing is something you should consider, we have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Does Lifetime Roof Shingles Mean Protection Forever?

One of the most frequently asked questions about lifetime roof shingles is whether these shingles truly protect a home for a “lifetime”. After all, it seems far-fetched that these shingles would last for fifty or more years.

At Firon Roofing, we use GAF lifetime shingles. And yes, the shingles carry a lifetime warranty.

The definition of a lifetime is as long as you own the home in which the shingles have been installed. In some cases, the second owner of the home may be offered the same guarantee if the transfer happened during the Smart Choice Protection Period offered by GAF.

So, yes, ultimately if you opt for lifetime roof shingles, you are protected for as long as you own your home! If you ever discover a defect in any of your shingles, Firon Roofing will replace them at no cost to you.

Damage to these shingles from storms with wind gusts is rare since these lifetime shingles are rated to withstand 130 mph winds. However, if you were to have damage, you would qualify for a free or discounted rate for having these repaired depending on your situation.

What Makes Lifetime Roof Shingles
Better Than Regular Shingles?

GAF’s lifetime roof shingles are meant to be installed with the GAF roofing system. This system has been designed to ensure your roof is fully protected, ventilated properly, and will look its best for several years down the road.

The entire system is rated one of the best on the market, which is why having a GAF roofing system not only gives you peace of mind but can also enhance your home tremendously when you need a roof replacement.

Regular shingles carried by many home improvement stores often have a warranty of 10 – 25 years, depending on the quality.

Not many manufacturers have the confidence in their shingles to offer a lifetime warranty, which makes them a better option than regular shingles.

Are Lifetime Roof Shingles A Good Option For Your Home?

Absolutely! Lifetime roof shingles are an amazing option for any home. They are highly durable against the weather in the Greater Ottawa area and look amazing.

There are dozens of colors to choose from, so you can create whatever look you want. You are not limited to traditional gray or black colors!

With the lifetime roof shingles from GAF, you get protection from high winds and algae growth. Opt for certified installers who help ensure these warranties are not voided as they are licensed to install these systems. What other shingles out there can offer these same great benefits?

You can bet nothing from your local home improvement store will come close to offering the same level of protection.

With that being said, the real question is why wouldn’t you choose a lifetime roof shingle for your home? It means a beautiful roof, less worry and stress, and added protection for your home.

Free Estimates For Lifetime Roof Shingles In Orleans, ON

If you’re Orleans, ON home is in need of roof replacement, then lifetime roof shingles are the way to go. Firon Roofing is a certified GAF installer with Master Elite Status, something that only 2% of roofers are able to achieve!

For your free quote, call us today at (613) 821-6222 and check out the benefits that lifetime shingles can give your home.