Wind And Storm Roof Damage Emergency Repairs In Kanata, ON

January 1, 2024

5 Tips For Handling Kanata, ON Wind And
Storm Roof Damage Emergency Repairs 

Repairs For Wind And Storm Roof Damage Can
Be Tedious – Use These Tips To Help 

When homeowners in Kanata, ON suffer wind and storm roof damage, an influx of people will try to get the emergency repairs. For this reason, it can become rather stressful trying to figure out what to do.

Even if the Greater Ottawa area has suffered massive winds and storms leading to roof damage, you need to keep cool. After all, there is no need to lose your mind and add to your stress levels. But how do you start the process of getting an emergency repair?

What can you do to speed the process along? What is the process for emergency roof repairs?

These are all valid questions! Let’s look at these answers and five tips meant to help you handle the situation so stress doesn’t get the better of you.

What Constitutes An Emergency When Dealing
With Wind And Storm Damage?

Is one missing shingle an emergency? Not really. While it can be a cause for concern, consider yourself lucky if you only suffered one shingle missing.

No, a roofing emergency is when you know damage can lead to further issues with your home. For example:

  • Large portions of the roof are missing shingles
  • Trees or branches have destroyed sections of the roof
  • Water is already making its way in through the roof during the storm

In these situations, you want to have your roof repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

However, if you have a few shingles missing, that doesn’t mean not to call a roofer. You should. The key is to understand that if you have a shingle or two gone, you will be put on the list to attend to, but after dealing with situations like the above examples.

Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier When
Dealing With Wind And Storm Damage

How can you make the process easier? Here are the tips many homeowners have used when requesting emergency repair services for their roofs.

1. Take Pictures Of The Damage

If you see tons of damage to your roof, take a few pictures. Why?

These pictures could prove invaluable later!

Several homeowners will opt to have their insurance help pay for the roof repair or replacement caused by the storm damage. Having these pictures can help your insurance agency see the damage immediately.

Granted, most insurance agents will send out their adjusters to take a photo of the damage, but it never hurts to have your own.

2. Call A Roofer

Call a professional roofer to talk about the damage and what you need. You are not doing any harm by calling a roofer before your insurance adjuster gets to your case. Even if you feel like your roof damage may not constitute an immediate emergency, the roofer can still take a look and explain what will be needed.

3. Use A Tarp On Your Roof

If you have roof damage that could lead to water getting into your home, now is the time to go ahead and tarp it. Or, if you are unsure how to do this, have a tarp ready and let the roofer place it on the roof where it is needed.

For those who may be reading this and have yet to suffer a roofing emergency, it is always a good idea to have a few tarps on hand so you are prepared!

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your home insurance company so you can get on the list for the adjuster to take a look. Remember, there may be a wait if the storm has caused damage throughout the area. Hence, having a tarp on hand is excellent.

Your insurance company can lay out your roof coverage based on the policy so you have a better understanding of what may and may not be covered.

5. Don’t Stay In Your Home If It Is Unsafe

The damage that wind and storms can do to a roof can vary from minimal to horrendous. If you are in a situation where your roof has caved in on one side, such as if a tree were to fall onto it, get somewhere safe.

Do not stay in your home if it is unsafe with the current roof damage. It is not worth the potential injury of what could happen if you were to stay.

Can You Speed Up The Emergency Roof
Repair Process In Kanata, ON?

The one question that many homeowners ask is how they can speed up the emergency roof repair process. Honestly, you cannot do much to speed up the process. After all, roof repairs take time, and when a storm has hit the area, you are not the only person needing a roof repair.

The best way to help the process is to be prepared with all the information you may need to deal with the roofer and the insurance company. Being prepared is half the battle when going through a roof repair process.

Free Quotes For Your Wind And Storm
Roof Damage Repair In Kanata, ON

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