When You Should Replace A Skylight

April 29, 2024

How Often Do You Need Nepean, ON
Skylight Replacement Service?

The Lifespan Of Skylights &
When It Is Time To Replace

Homeowners with skylights often wonder how often they will need a Nepean, ON skylight replacement. After all, skylight replacement is not as simple as changing a lightbulb, as it requires a professional who knows what they are doing to replace it.

Hence, a good understanding of how long your skylight will last will give you a reasonable estimate of when to replace it in your Greater Ottawa home.

Let’s examine the average lifespan of a skylight and the factors that can affect that lifespan. Finally, we will give you a few signs to watch out for when a skylight replacement is needed.

The Lifespan Of Your Nepean, ON Skylight

Professionals estimate skylights to last eight to twenty years. That may seem like a large range, but several factors can affect the life of your skylight.

On average, fourteen years has become the industry standard to tell homeowners to consider a replacement. However, some get more than twenty years out of their skylight.

When answering the question of how often you will need a skylight replacement, it depends on the installation, quality of the skylight, and other factors that affect the lifespan.

Factors That Can Shorten The Life Of Your Existing Skylight

Several factors can affect the lifespan of your existing skylight. Let’s look at some of the more common ones so you can be prepared.

1. Poor Installation

Poor installation is often the most common reason why someone has to have their skylight replaced sooner than they had planned. Skylights are not something that anyone can install. The process requires a detailed understanding of both your skylight and the roof.

That is why working with a qualified roofer who also handles skylights is one of the best ways to ensure installation is not an issue in the future.

2. Low-Quality Skylight

There are numerous skylights on the market. However, choosing the cheapest is not always the smartest decision.

Low-quality skylights are often cheaper, but they will need to be replaced sooner than if you had sprung for the higher-quality skylight.

3. Environmental Factors

Storms can cause damage to your roof, and your skylight is on the roof. So, it makes sense that your skylight could suffer environmental damage, resulting in the need to replace it sooner than planned.

Unfortunately, you cannot do much to avoid damage from storms passing through the area.

However, you can ensure that tree limbs and other items do not hit the skylight or roof by cutting them back. While this will not prevent storm damage a hundred percent of the time, it does lower the chances of severe damage.

Signs You Need Skylight Replacement

While we all want to get the most life out of our skylights, it is important for homeowners to know what signs may indicate when the skylight needs replacing. This way, you can get the most life out of your skylight.

1. Leaks Around The Skylight

When it rains, and you start to see water dripping into your home around the skylight, it is time to act and replace it. The water that can drip through the skylight could be doing unseen damage to your roof.

Plus, who wants to have to put a bucket under their skylight to catch rain?

2. Your Skylight Has A Draft

If you can feel a draft around the skylight, it indicates that it is not fitting as well as it should. Plus, if you can hear or feel the air, water can also penetrate through.

By replacing the skylight when you feel or hear air, you can make your home more energy efficient.

3. Discolored Or Cracked Glass

When the glass in your skylight becomes discolored or cracked, it likely needs to be replaced. The idea behind a skylight is to let in as much natural light as possible.

If the glass is affected in any way, you may notice less natural light, which defeats the purpose of having the skylight in the first place.

Free Quotes For Your Nepean, ON Skylight Replacement

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