Signs Of Wind And Storm Roof Damage To Look Out For

February 14, 2024

6 Signs That High Winds Have Caused Wind
And Storm Roof Damage In Kanata, ON

Know When To Call The Pros For Roof
Repair For Storm And Wind Damage

When any storm hits the area, most homeowners worry about Kanata, ON wind and storm roof damage. After all, any storm can lead to roof damage – it doesn’t have to be the storm of the century to affect your roof.

What should Greater Ottawa area homeowners be looking out for? Several signs point to high winds having damaged your roof. Knowing the signs can help you avoid more significant issues later, as you will know it is time to call in a professional roofer.

How Wind And Storm Roof Damage Happens

Before we get into the signs that showcase your roof has been damaged, it is essential for homeowners to know how winds and storms can damage a roof.

Winds create pressure on your roof that can cause it to warp or shift, resulting in damage. In addition, you have to think about what the wind and storm brought with it: debris, both natural and man-made.

Natural debris may mean tree limbs, but it can also refer to hail, known for causing tons of damage. If the winds are high enough, you could see man-made debris hitting your roof, such as the neighbor’s chair that wasn’t secured before the storm hit the area.

In any case, whether it be the wind itself or the debris that comes with it, your roof can suffer damage.

Signs Of Wind And Storm Roof Damage

Several signs will point to you wanting to call a professional roofer as soon as possible.

1. Tree Limbs On The Roof

If you see limbs on your roof, then chances are you have roof damage. Tree limbs can pierce shingles, yet the damage may not be something you see with your eye.

2. Missing Shingles

If you find tons of shingles in your yard after a windstorm, you know your roof has missing shingles. Remember, missing shingles means your roof is vulnerable to everything until they are replaced.

3. Large Areas Showing The Underlayment

Some homeowners never find a ton of shingles in their yards, often because the wind hurled them away from their homes. However, if you see large areas showing the underlayment, you know shingles are missing.

4. Bent Flashing

The flashing around your chimney could easily become bent and removed during high winds. If bent, you could have other less easily seen roof damage.

However, the bent flashing needs to be repaired as soon as possible. The flashing on a roof protects more vulnerable areas from leaks.

5. Fallen Gutters

If your gutters have fallen from the home due to wind, it could also mean your roof has been damaged. The job of gutters is to remove the water away from your home.

So, when these gutters have been ripped away from your house, it could mean your roof has sustained structural damage, allowing water to make its way inside.

6. Damaged Vents

Do you see visible damage on the vents of your roof? If the vents have been dented by debris, your roof could have suffered the same damage, weakening the shingles.

What To Do When You Suspect
Wind And Storm Roof Damage

When you step outside your home after a storm has ravaged the area and see signs that your roof has suffered some damage, what is your next step?

First off, you need to question the severity of the damage. If you see tons of missing shingles, you may need to tarp the roof before professionals arrive. However, you should only do this if you can perform the act safely!

If you are not seeing a lot of roof damage but are uncertain of how your roof could be undamaged due to the storm that blew through the area, take the time to check for leaks on the interior of your home. Look at your attic for signs of water coming in.

If you have interior leaks, then be sure you are putting a bucket under it to catch the leak. Then, consider tarping the roof to prevent further rain damage.

Your next step is to call a professional roofer to have a look. In fact, many homeowners prefer to have a roofer come out and check after a major storm, even if they don’t see any of the above-listed damaged signs.

Why? Because it is better to be safe than sorry later!

The professional roofer will assess your roof and note any damage. From there, a plan of action will be designed.

Remember that you may not be the only house with roof damage when wind and storms hit the area. Thus, your roofer may help you to tarp the roof until they can get it into their schedule for repair or replacement.

You may also expect delays if you work with your insurance company to cover some or all the roof repair or replacement costs. Delays will likely happen if the storm hits a large area, and insurance adjusters have to run everywhere to get claims approved and paperwork sorted.

Working with a roofer who helps with insurance restoration is a great way to make the process stress-free!

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