When Will You Need A Skylight Replacement?

March 22, 2024

How Long Will Your Nepean, ON Skylight Last
Before You Need Skylight Replacement?

Learn What Factors Affect Your Existing Skylight
And When It Is Time To Replace It

Nepean, ON skylight replacement is not a service you need often. It is only required when your current skylight is past its life and needs to be replaced, which could be decades after moving into your home.

Most Greater Ottawa area homeowners want to know how long their skylight will last before replacing it.

Is there a set number of years you should budget for? Are there signs you should be on the lookout for?

On average, a skylight lasts anywhere from eight to fifteen years. The key word is average. Depending on several factors, some homeowners get shorter or longer lifespans out of their skylights.

Let’s look at what factors could shorten the life of your skylight, as well as what signs you should look for that point to you needing a skylight replacement.

1. The Quality Of Your Existing Skylight

Installing a low-quality skylight will ultimately lead to replacing it sooner than if you had invested in a higher-quality one. Low-quality skylights often leak sooner, have glass that cracks more quickly, and many other issues. This is all due to the lower-quality materials used in constructing them.

Yes, it can be tempting to go with the skylight that is priced lower. However, remember the saying, “You get what you pay for.”

2. Storm Damage Can Wreak Havoc On Existing Skylights

Skylights are located on top of your home. They see the same type of weather as your roof. If weather can damage your roof – it can damage your skylight.

Of course, you have no control over the weather. That’s why choosing a skylight that is impact-resistant is so important.

While you can’t eliminate the risk of weather-related damages altogether, you can lessen the risk when you choose a strong and durable option.

3. Avoiding Skylight Maintenance May Lead
To Early Skylight Replacement

Yes, skylights require maintenance. The good news is that there is only a little that has to be done.

Maintenance often includes cleaning the inside of the frame and window to check for any water damage or leaks. Of course, you should also check your skylight for any leaks when a torrential downpour hits.

Also, be sure to look for condensation when you are heating your home during the winter months. Condensation can be a sign you need either skylight replacement or repair.

4. Incorrect Skylight Installation May
Impact Its Life Expectancy

Poor installation is always a factor that can lessen the lifespan of your skylight. Whether it was a DIY installation that went wrong or a professional made an error, installation issues can be a massive headache for you.

When a skylight is improperly installed, it can lead to leaks, which weaken the skylight and zap the lifeline out of it.

That is why whenever you need your skylight replaced, always work with a professional who has experience in skylight installation, like Firon Roofing. Otherwise, you will pay the price!

5. Using Sealer Or Caulk On Your Existing Skylight

When a homeowner is maintaining their skylight, they may put a sealer or caulk around it. It is often done with the thought that it will prevent water from leaking into the home.

However, adding sealer or caulk around a skylight can affect its lifespan. The sealer or caulk will not allow the skylight to expand and contract properly due to the weather. In return, the glass often starts to crack after some time.

6. Using Abrasive Cleaners May Ruin Your Existing Skylight

Your skylight can be cleaned with mild soap, water, or even a window cleaner. Using any abrasive cleaner can degrade the life of your skylight.

Those who use abrasive cleaners may notice the glass starts to become cloudy or the frame starts to peel, making the skylight unsightly. In dire circumstances, the abrasive cleaner results in damage around the skylight, leading to a flood inside your home every time it rains – something no homeowner wants to experience!

Signs You Need Skylight Replacement Now

One of the most significant signs that you need skylight replacement now, or maybe even yesterday, is if you have leaks around your skylight.

If your skylight has become an eyesore or doesn’t let in natural light, it may be time to consider a replacement, as it is no longer doing what you wanted.

Many homeowners opt to replace their skylights while replacing their roofs. That is always an option, as long as your professional roofer is experienced in roofing and installing skylights.

Other signs that may point to you needing skylight replacement now are:

  • Drafts around the skylight
  • Your skylight is over 15 years old
  • Staining around the ceiling that often points to a leak you may not see

A professional can look at your skylight and give an honest opinion on its lifespan and what issues may be found.

If you see signs that you need Nepean, ON skylight replacement, Firon Roofing is here to handle it. Not only are we well versed in roofing, but skylight replacement is a specialty of ours as well.

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