Ice Dam Removal Techniques In Manotick, ON

February 1, 2024

The Pros And Cons Of Different Ice Dam
Removal Techniques In Manotick, ON

Using The Wrong Roof Ice Dam Removal
Technique Could Cause Damage

There are several Manotick, ON ice dam removal techniques that homeowners may hear about. However, are these all a great option? No!

Some ice dam removal techniques could cause more issues with your roof and lead to costly repairs. 

Since the Greater Ottawa area experiences our fair share of winter weather, chances are ice dams will be something that you have to deal with. That is why it is essential to note which removal techniques to consider and which to avoid.

Let’s look at the most common ways people attempt to remove ice dams and whether it should be a technique you use in your home.

Manual Ice Dam Removal

Manual ice dam removal refers to someone actually hitting the ice and hoping to chip it away from the roof. This is NOT the removal method to use on your home. 

While you may see some ice chips away, and it feels like you are making progress, the number of issues that could arise is not worth it! 

As you hit the ice, you could be causing tiny cracks in your shingles, which means leaks and other issues later. The next snowstorm may mean water settles into the cracks you made on the roofing, freezing and destroying the shingle even further.

For the sake of your roof, do not try to manually remove the ice with a shovel, pick, or any other object.

Removing Ice Dams On Roof With Chemicals

Many homeowners try to remove ice dams on their roofs with chemicals. After all, you can go to your local hardware store and find salt meant to melt the ice, so why can’t you use the same chemicals on your roof?

For one, these chemicals are meant to be put onto concrete – your roof is definitely not concrete. Placing the chemicals onto any type of roof can cause damage that you will pay for later.

Hence, while you may think that spreading some chemicals onto the roof will melt the ice faster, which it may, you are causing future damage. Keep in mind that placing any chemical on your roof can also void the warranty that you may have.

Chemicals are a hard and fast no for removing ice dams!

Emergency Ice Dam Removal With Hot Water

If it seems that the weather is warming up, yet the ice dam you have on your roof looks dangerously close to causing damage, the use of hot water is one technique that many homeowners use. 

By gently pouring hot water over the top of the ice dam, you can control the melting and let the water go out of the gutters. The good news is that it will not damage the roof.

However, you also have to be near the ice dam, which often means a ladder, to pour the hot water over the ice dam. 

So, yes, this can be a viable technique for when you need the ice dam gone now. However, it may not be the best technique for long-term ice dam issues or the safest solution.

Removing The Snow On Your Manotick, ON Roof

If the ice dam is formed with a heavy layer of snow on top, then removing the snow can help the ice dam to melt away naturally. This is a method that many professionals opt to go with, so there is no chance of damaging the roof.

Remember that removing the snow from the roof will require a shovel, so it is best to leave this to the professionals who know how much snow to scoop without damaging your roof.

Snow removal is done to keep the ice dam from getting larger as the snow melts and refreezes when the temperatures drop. Removing snow is not always the best solution for your roof; hence, letting a professional handle this is always the better option.

Heat Cables For Ice Dam Removal

Some roofs have heat cables running through them to keep ice dams from forming. These are often placed on roofs with repetitive problems due to how their roof is shaped.

While it can be a solution, there is always the risk that the heat cables will stop working or burn so hot that the roof will be damaged.

Forming An Ice Trough For Ice Dam Removal

This professional method directs the melt-off from the ice dam to where it needs to go. It is often utilized after the snow has been removed. When the ice is too thick and heavy, it could be dangerous when it melts.

Professional roofers will cut a trough through the ice, carefully avoiding damaging the roof. Then, they ensure the gutters are not blocked so the water can be directed away from the house.

It may seem similar to manually removing the ice dam, but it is not. And since professionals are performing it, there is less chance of roof damage.

Free Quotes For Your Ice Dam Removal In Manotick, ON

If ice dams are becoming an issue for your Manotick, ON home, you need professional ice dam removal. Attempting to do this on your own or using chemicals can cause further damage to your roof that will likely result in repair or replacement.

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