Barrhaven, ON Roof Warranties Are Essential For Your Peace Of Mind

September 1, 2023

Barrhaven, ON Roof Warranties Are Essential For Your Peace Of Mind

Why Warranties Are A Must For Your Greater Ottawa Area Roof

When a Barrhaven, ON homeowner has to get a residential roof repair on their home, they often are thankful for their roof warranty. However, those new to the homeownership game may wonder what the benefits to a roof warranty are.

Why are warranties on your roof needed? What defines a good roof warranty? Do roof warranties bring value to your home? Do roof warranties help with residential roof repairs?

But don’t worry, as these are common questions that homeowners have and we will get to the bottom of each one so you have a better understanding of roof warranties.

Why Do You Need Roof Warranties In Barrhaven, ON?

If you ask anyone on the street if a roof warranty is needed, you might get a mix of answers. No, a roof warranty isn’t required if you want to consider it. After all, it is not a law that you have to have a warranty.

But you do want a roof warranty.

Having a roof warranty is like having a safety net that you can rely on. When damage occurs, such as if the asphalt shingles deteriorate due to a defect or because of installation issues, your warranty is your protection.

Otherwise, you could have to pay to fix an issue out of your pocket, even if the installer were to blame.

What Aspects Define A Great Warranty For Your Barrhaven, ON Roof?

Generally, a roof warranty will consist of two different warranties. These are the material warranty and the workmanship warranty. However, you will also hear the terms limited lifetime warranty, transferable warranties, and lifetime warranties when roofing is discussed.

Material Warranty

The manufacturer provides the material warranty of the roofing material used on your home. It is meant to cover any defects in the material that leads to damage that is out of your control.

A material warranty varies in the length of time it is considered useful and food. Further, they are usually based on how long the roofing material will last. For example, an asphalt roof with a lifespan of 40 years may have a material warranty lasting 35 years.

However, some manufacturers may only offer a ten-year warranty, even if they state the material will last for 30 or more years.

In addition, there are times in which material warranties may have fine print that point to some things not being covered. For example, if your gutters are the culprit that led to damaged asphalt shingles, the material warranty may not cover it, as you had a gutter issue that caused the material to break down.

Workmanship Warranty

The roofing contractor provides a workmanship warranty, that covers the installation process and the work completed. 

The contractor provides the workmanship warranty, meaning each roofer will provide something different. You will find that the longer the warranty, the more confidence the roofer has in their abilities.

Some roofers offer a workmanship warranty that may be just as long as the material warranty from the manufacturer. If you find a roof warranty within these time frames – you have an excellent warranty!

The Term Limited Lifetime Warranty

The industry standard for roofing warranties is a limited lifetime warranty. A contract like this is for the material only, not the workmanship.

In most cases, it is to cover the roof for the life of how long you own the home. If you owned your home for the next 50 years, you would have some coverage.

However, these limited lifetime warranties have some stipulations in which the amount of coverage decreases each year the roof gets older. Read the fine print to understand what is truly being offered.

Transferable Warranties

Transferable warranties are usually given by the manufacturer. If you were to sell your home in the time limit specified by the manufacturer, then any warranty of the roof will go to the new homeowner. Transferable warranties are not always offered through the warranty. It is best to find out through your representative or gather your own information to find out if your warranty is transferable to the next homeowner.

This alone can be a great selling point for many buyers.

Lifetime Warranties

Lifetime warranties are rare with most roofing, but they can happen. A lifetime warranty ensures you are covered from defects in the materials for as long as you own the home.

If your home were to be hit by a storm that caused the asphalt to become damaged, it would not be covered, even with a lifetime warranty. Acts of nature are not considered a manufacturer issue.

Can Roof Warranties Help With Residential Roof Repairs?

One of the most popular questions homeowners have is whether their warranty will cover a roof repair to their home. The answer? Yes, in most cases, the warranty contract can help to pay for roof repairs.

If the roof repair is needed due to the material failing, then you will find that the material warranty should cover it to be replaced and repaired. Or, if the repair is due to the roofer not installing something correctly, then yes, it should be covered by the workmanship warranty.

But what if your roof is damaged by a storm that passes through the area? This can be a tricky situation. For example, if the roof is less than a year old, your roofer may offer to repair it under their workmanship warranty.

However, in the same situation, your material warranty may state that the repair is needed due to storm damage, not due to a defect in the material. Thus, it wouldn’t help to pay for roof repairs.

When you need residential roof repairs for your home, you must look at your warranty and determine what you are covered by. However, before you think warranties are unnecessary, remember that a roof warranty is a safety net of protection.

So, yes, you do need a roofing warranty!

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