4 Reasons Storm Chasers Are Unreliable For Wind And Storm Roof Damage In Kanata, ON

January 24, 2024

4 Reasons Why Storm Chasers Are Unreliable
Roofers For Wind And Storm
Roof Damage In Kanata, ON

Fly-By-Night Companies Take Your
Money And Destroy Your
Greater Ottawa Roof

When wind and storm roof damage in Kanata, ON is a concern, the only logical step is to find a roofer to get a professional opinion on what you need to do. However, thanks to storm chasers that often hit the area after a storm, it can be harder to find a legitimate roofer than you realize.

Storm chasers are those “professionals” who enter the Greater Ottawa area and call themselves roofing pros, offering rock-bottom prices for replacing roofs. These “professionals” often travel throughout the area, following the path of major storms that hit the area.

But, if these storm chasers offer lower prices for a roof, why wouldn’t a homeowner opt to go with them for their roofing needs? Check out why you want to avoid these fly-by-night storm-chasing companies!

1. Storm Chasers Can’t Find All
Wind And Storm Roof Damage

When a roof has wind and storm damage, that doesn’t mean that it is apparent immediately. Those who call themselves professional roofers yet are storm chasers are not looking for those minor signs that may point to a roof needing replacement or repair.

Mainly because they are not roofing professionals who know roofs inside and out. Thus, if your roof is still intact, storm chasers may state that your roof only needs one section repaired, which they can do for a minimal fee.

In reality, the roof may need a complete replacement. But, because these storm chasers are unreliable, they only look at the damage that anyone can see.

You want a professional roofer who will see all the damage your roof may have, no matter how small. It gives you confidence that the roofer has the knowledge to replace or repair your roof.

2. Storm Chasers Are Not Honest
With Kanata, ON Homeowners

Does every storm that hits our area mean that your roof has damage? No, it absolutely does not. However, if you were to listen to storm chasers, you would be replacing your roof every time a thunderstorm and some wind came through the area.

Storm chasers are notorious for being dishonest with homeowners regarding the shape of their roofs. After all, storm chasers are only making their money if homeowners agree to let them handle their roof replacement.

3. You Get No Type Of Warranty For
Your Greater Ottawa Area Home

One of the most significant issues is that homeowners who have worked with storm chasers in the past have no genuine warranty with the roof they opted to go with. They often find that the company they used for their roof is no longer in business or no longer serves the area.

In these cases, you are left alone. You have no warranty on the roof, you can’t find the original installers, and you may have to start over with reputable roofers to correct the issue.

4. Storm Chasers Are Looking To Make Fast Money – They
Don’t Care About Your Wind And Storm Roof Damage

The ultimate goal of storm chasers is to make money as fast as possible. They often blow through the area after the wind and storm have left a line of damage, featuring themselves as the answer to all your issues.

In reality, they are looking to make a quick buck. Those who work with these storm chasers for their wind and storm roof damage may or may not get a new roof.

There have been situations in which people pay these “roofers” up front for the roof replacement and never hear from them again. Other times, people have had their roofs only partially completed when the storm chasers quit answering the phone and skipped town.

You may even have your roof replaced, and it looks good, only to find that it was done poorly. Yet, the storm chasers are nowhere to be found when you are in need.

How To Ensure You Work With Professional Roofers
For Your Wind And Storm Roof Damage

Working with storm chasers who claim to be professional roofers is not in your best interest. But how can you ensure you are working with a professional roofer?

There are several ways to ensure you work with a professional roofer who doesn’t leave you when needed and stands behind their work.

You will want to check for items like:

  • Are they licensed and insured to work in your area?
  • Will your insurance company approve of working with them?
  • Do they have customer reviews you can read that point to being a legitimate company?

Ultimately, you want to work with a roofer with a solid reputation. You want someone who is licensed and insured, as it shows they are protecting themselves and their workers.

Free Estimates For Wind And Storm
Roof Damage In Kanata, ON

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