Understanding The Nepean, ON Skylight Replacement Process

March 25, 2024

What To Expect During The Skylight Installation
Process In Your Nepean, ON Home

The Process Of  Replacing
Your Existing Skylight

Several thoughts may circle your mind when you embark on a Nepean, ON skylight replacement. How long will it take? Is it better to replace the skylight with the roof? Will new designs lose out on natural light compared to old designs?

All of these concerns are natural for any Greater Ottawa homeowner to have. After all, unless you have been in your home for over forty years, it may be the first time you have had to replace the skylight.

That is why we have combined everything you need to know/expect when replacing your skylight.

The Timeframe For Your Skylight Replacement

The time frame for replacing a skylight is often one to two days. However, it can be installed in as little as three to five hours.

Various factors will contribute to the time frame, including the size of your skylight, where it’s located, or more. It’s also important to remember that this estimate is for professionals. It’s likely to be much different if you attempt to DIY.

DIY projects are great for homeowners to tackle, but skylight replacement can easily fall into the DIY fail category. Replacing a skylight requires specialized tools and can be difficult if you don’t know the proper steps.

DIYing your skylight replacement will likely wind up costing you more time and money than expected.

Always leave skylight replacement to the professionals as this does involve your roof, which can be delicate if you don’t know what you are doing.

What To Expect During The Skylight Replacement Process

Replacing a skylight means having professionals at your home. It will be similar to replacing a roof. There will be less noise than there is when your roof is replaced.

The installation team will likely need to work both on the interior and the exterior of your home. The framing around the skylight will be replaced and may need to be painted or changed to match the rest of your home.

You must ensure that you take the time before your skylight replacement appointment to make it easy for the professionals to reach it. This means moving any obstacles in the room the skylight is in and outdoors so they can move any ladders or equipment toward the roof as needed.

Then, you can sit back and let the professionals do their job, and you will have a beautiful skylight installed!

Should Skylight Replacement Happen In
Conjunction With A Roof Replacement?

When you need a skylight replacement, that does not necessarily mean a roof replacement is also necessary. However, several professionals agree that changing both simultaneously ensures an even better fit for your skylight.

Does that mean you have to replace your roof at the same time? Absolutely not. A trained professional can install a new skylight with your roof intact.

However, if you know both projects need to be completed, why not do them simultaneously? In doing so, you get a tight fit for your skylight and a damaged roof replaced, which can be more cost-effective.

Will A Skylight Replacement Ensure
More Natural Light In Your Home?

Many homeowners worry about the amount of light they get from their skylight being affected when they get a new one. The good news is that the glass in windows these days is much better than what we have seen in the past.

Chances are, a new skylight will provide even more natural light without letting in harmful UV rays. This is especially true if your skylight is over twenty years old.

Plus, you will find there are numerous designs of skylights to consider. You can opt for those with frosted, etched, or traditional glass. With the number of options, you can find something that fits more of your personal taste than what you would have seen even ten years ago.

In addition, the skylights of today are more energy-efficient than they were years ago. Replacing your skylight with a new design will allow natural light into your home and lower your energy bills.

Free Quotes For Your Nepean, ON Skylight Replacement

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