4 Things To Look For When Hiring Roofers For Multi-Family Properties In Glebe, ON

September 19, 2023

4 Things To Look For When Hiring Roofers For Multi-Family Properties In Glebe, ON

The Perfect Roofer Will Make All The Difference In The End Results

As a property owner of multiple properties, several items may land on your to-do list. And one of those aspects is the roof. For those looking for Glebe, ON roofers for multi-family properties, the world’s weight is on your shoulders.

You are not dealing with one roof, you may be dealing with a handful or dozens. Add to that the fact that if you hire roofers who do not do a good job, you will be hearing about it from the residents of these properties. Whether you are the property owner or the HOA chairman, you must find the right roofers to handle the project.

What aspects should a roofer have in the Greater Ottawa area to make them worthy of installing roofs on multi-family properties? Check out these four factors to look for to ensure you hire the right roofer for the project.

1. Experience In Multi-Family Roof Replacement

When looking at the numerous roofers you may be considering, who has experience dealing with multiple-family roofs? It is always a good idea to go with the roofer who can show you examples of past multi-family roofing projects, give details of how it went, and even let you talk to the property owner or HOA that ordered the roof replacement.

Going with a company without experience could be a recipe for disaster. They may not be able to handle all the roofs during the same timeframe, not understand how to ensure there is no seam between townhome roofs or install mediocre products that do not last.

In these situations, while the roofer is to blame for the poor work, you will be on the hook by your tenants, homeowners, and community in general. It will be a very uncomfortable situation to find yourself in.

2. A Roofer Who Knows Common Problems With Multi-Family Roofs

Replacing a roof for multi-family properties is not like replacing a roof for a single home. For example, while there may be ten condos or townhomes in a line, they may all share one roof.

Therefore, these roofs can have numerous problems and trouble areas different from a single home. You want a roofer ready to inspect the roof and point out problems, then provide a detailed plan of how they can correct the problem.

If a roofer seems to have no idea what would be wrong with the roof, or they treat it like a single-family home roof, you could end up with a dud multi-family roof replacement.

3. A Roof Who Can Meet Glebe, ON Roof Compliance

When you own or manage several multi-family properties, you often have roofing compliance standards that must be met. These compliances ensure a uniform look throughout all the properties while keeping tenants happy.

You need a company that will work with you on meeting any roof compliances you may have. For example, a roofer who wants to use black asphalt roofing for your condo roof replacement, because they have a ton of it on hand is not the person for the job when compliance states your roofs have to be brown asphalt.

In addition, there may be a clause in which the roof can only be worked on during certain times of the work day. You want a roofer to work with you to ensure you stay within these rules.

4. A Roofer Who Is Confident In Their Multi-Family Roofs

Confidence can come in many forms when dealing with a roof. However, working with a roofer who offers a guarantee on their work while also showing their accreditations and licenses is the confidence you need. In addition, they should believe in the product quality of the roof they are installing and be more than willing to show you past work examples.

Working with any roofer who will run away and never be heard from again after replacing the roof is not a situation you want to find yourself in. It will lead to many upset tenants and members of the HOA.

Free Quotes For Your Glebe, ON Multi-Family Roof Replacement Project

Whether you own several properties or are an HOA member in charge of finding the perfect roof for the condos in your neighborhood, you realize how big of a deal it is to find the perfect roofer to handle your job. Not just any roofer will do in these cases!

Firon Roofing is more than equipped to handle multi-family roofing projects. We install a quality product that will last fifty years or more, so you can be confident we won’t disappear from the area.

If you are ready to replace the roofing on multi-family properties, we offer free quotes to get you started. Contact us today at 613-821-6222 to get started!