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Make A Noticeable Difference In Your Ottawa
Home With A Skylight Replacement

Skylight Replacement Can Increase Lighting
And Can Increase Airflow In Your Home

Does your Ottawa home need a skylight replacement? Many homeowners love the natural light their skylights let into their homes, as it is beautiful.

However, just like any type of window, skylights age, which can lead to leaks, cracks around the skylight, and other issues. However, it is an easy problem to rectify.

There is no reason why Greater Ottawa homeowners have to give up their skylights with our skylight replacement options. Imagine a beautiful skylight that lets in the natural light without leaking.

Firon Roofing understands everything about skylights. Our installation process ensures that when replaced, your skylight will do its intended job and not have you running for buckets each time it rains.

Beautiful Skylight Replacement In Ottawa

Don’t Put Up With Leaks – Replace Your Skylight

A skylight is a great way to let natural light into your home while reducing the electricity you use to keep your home lit. And for those who have an older skylight in their home, it is time to consider an upgrade.

But why are the skylights of today better than those of yesterday? The skylights we replace are not those your grandparents used in their homes.

Today’s skylights have better technology to ensure they will not leak. This is a huge plus for any homeowner! However, there are other features, like the following:

  • Blinds between the panels that can be controlled by hand, with electric, or even solar powered
  • Various options for the type of glass and style to add more personality to your home
  • Vented skylights allow you to open them for more airflow in the home
  • Tempered and laminated glass to ensure safety, efficiency and UV protection.

It is easy to see that today’s skylight replacement can make a huge difference in your home, giving you more natural light and helping the airflow.

Firon Roofing Is Your Go-To Pro
For Skylight Replacement

Meticulous Skylight Replacement
Our Customers Trust

We Are Detail Fanatics

Have you ever heard the saying that the devil is in the details? Details can be difficult to get right, and skylight replacement is all about the details.

When we perform skylight replacement, we pay attention to all those little details other installers may overlook. By paying attention, you get a skylight that functions perfectly.

Only The Best Will Do

We always aim for the best. Not only do we ensure that we are always doing our best work, but we only use the best materials when replacing a skylight. Our dedication to only the best ensures our customer’s satisfaction.

Amazing Core Values

Our core values are all about putting our customer’s needs first, being respectful, showing integrity in everything we do, and ultimately being a company with a stellar reputation.

Every person who works for Firon Roofing adheres to our core values, as they, too, believe these values help us to do business more efficiently and better.

Customer Service Is A High Priority

While we do beautiful skylight replacement jobs, we also consider how we treat our customers. We treat them as we would want someone to treat us in our homes. Our stellar customer service is why so many recommend us to others.

Firon Roofing Customer Reviews

Trust We Have Earned

  • Patricia B.
    We used Firon Roofing to change our roof and skylight in 2021, and we were extremely pleased with the service and professionalism. The crew was polite, courteous, and hard-working, and they cleaned up after themselves. They also took care around my plants, which I greatly appreciated!
  • Joe Z.
    Everyone at Firon Roofing was attentive to our needs and provided quality workmanship. I’d not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to others.
  • Julian K.
    Firon Roofing did an excellent and timely job replacing our leaking skylight and repairing the roof deck around the skylight for a reasonable price. Further, they arranged to have our solar panels removed and put back on our behalf. The crew was courteous and professional and finished promptly.

Firon Roofing Skylight Replacement FAQ

How Long Does An Average Skylight Last?

Old skylights last around 15 years on average. At 15 years old, they are often leaking and need to be replaced. The new skylights on the market have a longer lifespan of twenty or more years.

Should Skylights Be Replaced When A Roof Is Replaced?

If your skylight is old and you are having your roof replaced, having your skylight replaced at the same time is a good idea. It is not a necessity, though.

However, unless you have a roofer who is also used to dealing with skylights, more damage could be done to the skylight. Luckily, Firon Roofing can deal with both!

Do Skylights Help To Reduce Your Energy Bill?

Many people report they use less energy when their skylights are in place since these can help reduce the number of lights you have to turn on. If you opt for vented skylights, you may even find it reduces how often your HVAC turns on.

What Are The Major Signs Of Needing Skylight Replacement?

If your skylights have any of the following, then it may be time to consider skylight replacement:

  • Drafts coming in around the skylight
  • Leaks when it rains or snows
  • Cracks in the glass
  • Old age

Any of these reasons can point to skylight replacement being the best option

How Long Does Skylight Replacement Take?

The time it takes to replace your skylight depends upon the size, the location, the condition of the surrounding roof, and the weather. When we give you your free quote, we will include how long we anticipate the replacement to take.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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