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There are times in Ottawa when the weather can cause damage to the roof of your home. However, not all damage requires an immediate roof replacement. In many cases, a roof repair is all you need.

The problem that many people in the Greater Ottawa area find is that roofers only offer roof replacements rather than repairs. Ultimately, many roofers are looking to make an extra buck; thus, they offer a replacement rather than repairing the problem.

It can take time to decide who to trust. Luckily, Firon Roofing is a trustworthy roofer who values honesty. If your roof only needs a repair, then that is what we will recommend!

Our Residential Roof Repair Services

When Ottawa homeowners contact us concerning their roofs, we don’t immediately recommend a replacement. Our trained estimators will examine the entire roof to find out where the source of the trouble is located.

From there, they will assess whether a repair is your best option. We only recommend a repair when we know it will get your roof back to a hundred percent and will not result in needing additional repairs in the months to come.

Unless a professional roofer knows what they are doing, a repair can cause more damage. Luckily, Firon Roofing has a dedicated team of craftsmen who specialize in nothing but roof repairs.

Wind Damage Repair

The wind can be brutal in Ottawa, so it is no surprise when homeowners find their roofs damaged. Our wind damage services deal with whatever problem you may have.

Mostly, we see many lost shingles or entire sections of loose shingles. Remember, any missing or loose shingles must be repaired immediately to avoid water damage.

Flashing Repair

Leaking flashing can cause tons of issues inside a home. Unfortunately, flashing is a component that must be installed correctly, or it will not perform as it was meant to, and many roofers don’t take the time necessary to install it properly.

Firon Roofing offers professional flashing repair services to ensure the interior of your home is protected.

Ventilation Issues

Poor ventilation can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof by allowing moisture to build up. We often see ventilation repairs due to damage to the physical vents. But, we also see incorrect ventilation being used, leading to many issues.

We use technology to help us calculate your ventilation needs. Then we can repair the ventilation as we see fit.

Why Do Customers Turn To Us?

As one of the top 2% of roofers in the Ottawa area, people turn to us because they realize we have this badge of honor showcasing our excellence in what we do. You will discover that we have many five-star reviews that speak to our customer service and work.

Firon Roofing has core values of providing dependable quality service and having an attitude that sets us apart from other roofers. Our core values include the following:

  • Superior service
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Striving for excellence

These core values dictate how every person on the Firon Roofing team will behave and perform their job.

FAQs About Roof Repair

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Jane L.
    “They came and helped us with blown-off shingles and promptly repaired the damage. The crew that repaired the roof was great. They showed up on time, worked efficiently and quickly, and cleaned up after finishing.”
  • Scott G.
    “Our experience with Firon Roofing has been excellent. Our roof sustained damage from the severe windstorm that passed through. We are very pleased with the professionalism and workmanship. I would highly recommend Firon Roofing!”
  • Marion B.
    “I would highly recommend this company for several reasons; quick response time, high-quality workmanship, great customer service from the owner, the receptionist, the accounting department, the production company, and the crew team. I would recommend this firm without any hesitation.”

Free Estimates For Your Ottawa Roof Repair

We are here for you if your Ottawa roof requires repair, whether from storm damage or other issues. We are ready to inspect your roof and discuss your options to protect your home.

Contact us or call us today at (613) 821–6222 for your free estimate!

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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