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Roofs With Tarps Due To Wind And Storm Damage

When Your Roof Suffers Wind And Storm Damage In Greely, ON, Firon Roofing Is Who To Turn To

Let The Pros At Firon Roofing Assess Your Roof Damage

Your roof may be a casualty of Greely, ON wind and storm damage. Before a damaged roof can cause more damage to the interior of your home, let Firon Roofing help you. In the Greater Ottawa area, Firon Roofing is the one to turn to when you fear your roof may need a small repair or a total replacement. Thanks to our knowledge, we can pinpoint wind and storm damage, help you go through insurance if required, and then fix the damage so you can rest easy.

Wind And Storm Damage Roofing Services For Greely, ON Homeowners

Roof With Tarp On It Due To Wind And Storm Damage

Wind And Storm Damage

When wind and storm damage hits, the first call you make should be to Firon Roofing. We will arrive at your home, note the damage, tarp your roof if needed, and then help return your roof to the best condition.
Shingles Being Replaced After Severe Storm Damage

Firon Roofing: An Honest Approach To Roofing

Our Core Values And Dedication To Being The Best Is Why People Turn To Us

Firon Roofing has changed that perception homeowners have of roofing with our core values, dedication to honest work, and hiring only the best. We provide roofing services you can depend on and a stress-free experience.
#1: Strong Core Values
Our core values dictate everything we do here at Firon Roofing, from our professional and honest quotes to how we work together as a team. You will discover that our core values put us leagues above other roofers.
#2: Only The Best Motto
To be the best in the roofing industry, you must have the best. That is why we only employ those with the same dedication to roofing. It’s also why we only work with the best products in the industry.
#3: The Details Matter
We are detail fanatics, and this is evident in our work. Thanks to our use of technology, we better understand what your roof may need and can lay out all the details to ensure you end up with a dependable roof.
#4: We Are In The Top 2% Of Roofers
We have the honor of being in the top 2% of roofers due to our meticulous installation standards. Our skills and attention to detail have earned us Master Elite Status with GAF, which only 2% of roofers obtain.

Our Customers Share Their Thoughts On Us

A Happy Customer Means The World To Us

Hearing from our satisfied customers how easy it was for them to have us repair or replace their roof and how much they love it now is all the thanks we need! It also helps us to know that the Firon Roofing methods are truly successful!
  • Henry Y.
    “The job was completed as scheduled despite inclement weather. The workmanship is very good, and the clean-up was done well. Customer service and the salesman are proactive and responsive. The crew was very professional. I’m impressed that the Service manager came to inspect the quality of their job and make sure that it was done properly according to our contract. I highly recommend Firon Roofing Inc. if you need no hassle, fair, and quality workmanship.”
  • Scott G.
    “Our experience with Firon Roofing has been excellent. Our roof sustained damage from the severe windstorm in May of 2022. Our insurance company sent a representative from Firon (Marc Savard) to assess the damage and arrange the repairs. Although the current roof was less than 20 years old, we opted to replace the entire roof and pay the difference from what the insurance covered. We were initially given an installation timeline of mid-September, but we received a call in mid-August to let us know that they could come and do the roof. We are very pleased with the professionalism and workmanship. I would highly recommend Firon Roofing!”
  • Suzie H.
    “I only had a few repairs due to the tornado, but the work was done quickly and professionally. Kyle was extremely polite and was at my house on time. I would definitely refer this company to all my family and friends and will call them again when it is time for my roof to be replaced.”

FAQ About Firon Roofing Wind And Storm Damage Services In Greely, ON

Q: Why Choose Firon Roofing?

A: We value our customers and treat you with respect. Our years of experience allow us to identify problems quickly and address them with the best solution. Firon Roofing has been committed to ensuring your roof is durable and reliable.

Q: What Do Your Wind And Roof Damage Services Cost?

A: The cost of our wind and roof damage services varies according to the severity of the damage. We will give you a price when you get your quote. For those who are interested, we offer financing.

Q: How Long Does The Wind And Storm Damage Process Take?

A: The time it will take us to correct the wind and storm damage depends on the severity of the damage, your roof, and other factors. We will give you a time estimate during your quote.

Q: What Areas Of Greater Ottawa Do You Serve?

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Firon Roofing?

A: For those who wish to learn more about us, we invite you to check out these pages:

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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