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Exquisite Barrhaven, ON Roofers For Condos,
Townhomes & Multi-Family Homes

Quality Roofing Done
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Can’t any roofer be an option when searching for Barrhaven, ON roofers for condos? The answer is no. And for those who have gone with any roofer they found, they often learn that lesson the hard way.

Roofing for multi-family homes, townhomes, and condos is not the same as a single residential roof or a commercial job. It falls in the gray area of roofing. And for that reason, a regular residential roofer in the Greater Ottawa area may not know how to handle a project of this magnitude.

Lucky for you, Firon Roofing handles roofing for condos, townhomes, and multi-family homes. We provide the necessary skills to manage a project of this size while still providing the personal service you expect with an individual roofing job.

Barrhaven, ON Roofing Services For Condos,
Townhomes & Multi-Family Homes

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Condo, Townhomes, & Multi-Family Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof on any multi-family property has to be done by trained professionals who can handle this magnitude of the job. In many cases, these types of homes will require meeting the needs of the Homeowner’s Association and dealing with a property manager.

All of which we can do easily! Even though these projects involve multiple homes, our roofing services’ quality remains. We only use quality materials to finish these roofs so those living in these homes know their roof is strong enough to take on the local weather.

The keys to a successful project of this magnitude are planning and communication. Both of which we excel at.

amazing roofers for condos barrhaven on firon roofing

The Firon Roofing Process Ensures Beautiful Results

Why People Turn To Us For Their Roofing Needs

#1: We Embrace Technology

When we started Firon Roofing, one of the first things we noticed was how other roofers were not utilizing technology. We realized that using technology ensures a perfect result. That is why we use satellite imagery to conduct our appraisals, which is done right the first time.

#2: Extremely High Standards

Only a few residential roofers deal with commercial roofing, but we do both. This rarity is due to the high standards associated with commercial roofing. However, whether replacing a roof for a home or a row of townhomes, we have incredibly high standards that each roofer must follow.

#3: Training Done Right

Roofing is an art form, which is why every installer at Firon Roofing has been trained to GAF Master Elite Standards. For our customers, it means a highly qualified individual handling your roof.

See What Customers Say About Firon Roofing

Honesty & Fairness Should Be Our Middle Names

  • -Patricia B.
    “We used Firon Roofing to change our roof and skylight in 2021, and we were extremely pleased with the service and professionalism. The crew was polite, courteous, and hard-working, and they cleaned up after themselves. They came around for a final check and patiently answered all our questions. They also took care of my plants, which I greatly appreciated!”
  • -Mike C.
    “From start to finish, everything went smoothly. There were three of us in a row of townhouses, the crew showed up at 7:00 am and completed all three roofs by 4:30 pm the same day. I am very pleased with the look and quality of the roof. I recommend Firon Roofing for all your roofing needs.”
  • -Henry Y.
    “The job was completed as scheduled despite inclement weather. The workmanship is excellent, and the clean-up was done well. Customer service and salesmen are proactive and responsive. The crew was very professional. I’m impressed that the service manager came to inspect the quality of their job and ensure that it was done properly according to our contract. I highly recommend Firon Roofing if you need no hassle, fairness, and quality workmanship.”

The Commonly Asked Questions About
Roofers For Condos In Barrhaven, ON

Q: Is Roofing For Multi-Family Homes And Condos Different From A Single-Family House?

A: What makes roofing for condos, townhomes, or multi-family homes different is that it is not quite as large as commercial roofing, yet it is more than one residential roof as we are working with multiple customers at the same time.

There may be considerations about the roof color and style to make between all the customers. Additionally, special steps need to be taken where the buildings join to ensure no leaks occur.

Q: Do You Have Examples Of Your Work?

A: Yes! We invite you to check out our roofing gallery and look at some of the asphalt roofs we have completed.

Q: Can You Ensure Roofs Meet HOA Requirements?

A: Yes, we can. We will work with your HOA to determine any special considerations that need to be made so there are no issues later.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: We understand how replacing a roof on your condo, multi-family homes, or townhomes is often an unexpected expense. Therefore, we offer financing to those who qualify, which can help you achieve low monthly payments.

Q: How Does Firon Support The Local Community?

A: A massive part of being successful in the business world is giving back, and we involve ourselves in various organizations to help the community. These include Habitat For Humanity, Waupoos Family Farm, and much more. You can find our community involvement on our Giving Back page.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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