Skylight Repairs

Skylight Repairs

Repairing skylights can be a complicated task, and it requires contractors that have the right experience and knowledge to do the job properly. Firon Roofing has been repairing skylights for the Ottawa community since 2008, and we like to think that our contractors are the best there is.

The first task is to remove the damaged skylight, including any surrounding shingles. If it’s possible, we will then clean and repair the skylight before re-fitting it securely. In the event that repair is not feasible, we will offer you a choice of suitable replacement skylights. When we fit a replacement, we will ensure that the surrounding roof membrane along with any shingles is also replaced and tied into the rest of your roof.

Our repair team arrives at your property with:


At some point, nearly all skylights will eventually start to leak with if not carefully maintained. Often all it takes is a simple, quick repair to put things right, but other times it requires a complete replacement skylight. If your skylight requires some attention, then call the Ottawa roofing experts at Firon Roofing for a free estimate on (613) 821-6222 or email us by clicking here.