Leaking Roofs

Leaking Roof Repair Ottawa

Having to deal with a leaking roof can be stressful, and nobody enjoys it. However, it’s no use putting it off as the problem will only get worse and could end up you costing a lot more money than dealing with it straight away. Firon Roofing is an expert in dealing with leaking roofs, no matter how bad the problem has become. At Firon Roofing, our contractors are specialists who will be able to quickly identify the underlying cause of a problem with your roof, and then recommend a choice of solutions to suit your budget. Some of the more common issues we have dealt with in Ottawa are:

Curling, clawing, or buckling of shingles
Instances of mold and algae
Peeling paint
Gutter issues

Our contractors are highly trained, and have a wealth of experience; it’s unlikely that they haven’t seen your type of problem before, and had the know-how to fix it quickly and efficiently.


If your roof is in need of attention, then make sure that you call the Ottawa experts to assess the damage and recommend a solution. Call us today on (613) 821-6222 or email us by clicking here.