Roofing Inspections and Reports

Roofing Inspections and Reports

Firon Roofing provides a complete professional roof inspection service for residential homes in the Ottawa area. An inspection report can be completed for personal or insurance needs. Our experts will attend your property and identify any potential problems, current conditions and estimated lifespan of your roof.

We don’t just look at the exterior of a roof; we will also check out your attic, the underside of the roof, and any roof-boards for any signs of damage. We will examine and identify any evidence of water leaking in through the roof.

Once our roof inspection has been completed, we will present you with a written detailed report of all findings and current roofing conditions along with photos and will provide you options for repair or replacement along with an estimate of the costs involved should they be required.


If you are worried about your roof, then call our experts today for some piece of mind on (613) 821-6222 or click here to send us an email.