Custom Roof Related Carpentry

Custom Roof Related Carpentry

Firon Roofing can provide roof related specialized carpentry for your property in the Ottawa area.

A roof does not just consist of a waterproof cover; there are a lot of other types of work involved in installing a professionally finished product. In many cases, when removing an old roof the underlying substrate (roofing supports) are rotten, and in need of replacement. Underneath this substrate is the main roof rafters that do the job of supporting the weight of the main roof plus any snow or ice that may rest on it.

Here at Firon Roofing, we have skilled carpenters that are capable of creating or repairing wooden supports for any size or shaped roof. It is essential that this work is completed to a high professional level, as if there is a problem here, then the whole roof is in danger of failing. This is especially true for flat roofs that are subject to people walking, or have heavy machinery situated on them.

An indication that roof rafters may be damaged is when the surface becomes warped or exhibits undulation. Most shingle manufacturers insist on solid decks, or they may void their warranties.

Ottawa has many homes that incorporate wooden architectural detailing, and our carpenters are experienced in working with a wide variety of these including:

Tongue and groove soffits
Porch under-hangs
Facia boarding and molding
Roof Sheathing


If you are in the Ottawa area, and you require any roof-related carpentry, then make sure you call a company that you can trust and have the experience to do the job right. Give Ottawa Roofing experts a call on (613) 821-6222 or click here to send an email