Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

If there is one thing that people notice when looking at a property, it is a badly repaired or damaged roof. Even if the rest of your property is immaculate, an unsightly roof will give an overall impression of an uncared for home.

The life expectancy of your roof can be drastically reduced due to the harsh weather conditions that are experienced in Ottawa, and if your roof is damaged, or not originally installed correctly, then it doesn’t take long before this weather can cause major damage. Our expert roofing contractors can inspect your roof and deliver you a free-of-charge report on the condition, as well as providing you with a recommendation as to how to fix any damage and with which materials.

The majority of sloped roofs in Ottawa are made from asphalt shingles. These roofs are quick and easy to install, and if they are installed correctly can have a life of up to 50 years. Some of the benefits of shingle roofing are:

Low-cost installation

Long lifespans – from 30 to 50 years

Ability to withstand high winds
– up to 130mph

High level of fire resistance
– most are in Class A

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If you are considering any kind of residential roofing project in the Ottawa area, then talk to our friendly Ottawa Roofing experts to see if we can help. Call us today on (613) 821-6222 (or click here to send an email) and ask for one of our inspections and no-obligation, free estimates.