Ottawa Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Ottawa

Firon Roofing has been finding solutions for our customer’s metal roofs in Ottawa since 2008. We have the experience and professional know-how to find a way of achieving our customer requirements no matter how difficult the problem may appear.

There is a range of products and materials available to make a metal roof look positively beautiful. Metal roofing can be treated to make it look like many other materials, such as tile, shingle, and even wood shake.

Although metal roofing can be a more expensive option than asphalt shingle, it does offer more flexibility and benefits. Apart from being fire resistant, it is able to resist the stresses of the inclement weather that can be experienced in Ottawa. It is useful to note that there are quality shingles from GAF that can last as long as metal roofing. Installation of either shingles or metal roofing will make the difference in the longevity of your commercial roof.


If you are responsible for a commercial or industrial building in Ottawa and need help with Metal Roofing, then why not give us a call on (613) 821-6222 or send us an email by clicking here, and we can help you find a solution to your metal roofing problems with a free estimate.