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Taking Roofing To The Next Level Ottawa Firon Roofing

Dragging The Roofing Industry Out Of
The Past And Into The Present

And Creating A Fast And Flexible Process
Focused On Customer Satisfaction

From the desk of Mike Montone, Owner

During my time working for another Ottawa roofing contractor, it became plain that the roofing industry was stuck in the analogue age. Paper proposals, inflexible checklists, and low levels of communication were the norm, and considering homeowner comfort was last on a long list of priorities.

The whole system was trapped in a time long past, which led to missed errors, slow processes, and a frustrating experience for most roofing clients.

After many attempts at guiding my employer into the present day, I realised that if roofing were to be modernised, I’d have to do it myself – and that’s exactly what I did.

Business Before Builds

Here’s a truth that so few recognise – excellence at your trade is no guarantee of excellence in business.

Sadly, few roofing contractors consider the business side of things when they start their roofing companies. All they are concerned with is finding bodies to hold the hammers and getting that next job.

The only possible result from such practices is failure – and the fact that few roofing companies last longer than five years proves the point.

So I took my business training and applied it to the roofing industry. The results were dramatic – if not surprising. Suddenly, I had a viable company with values and processes that would lead to success instead of dissolution.

And even better, my customers were delighted to find that replacing their roofs could be a smooth and enjoyable process. We showed up when we said we would, kept our promises, and did our best to head off issues before they turned into crises.

Our system of checking and rechecking and always looking ahead allows us to weather changes in the market and supply issues with little to no effect on the customer experience we provide.

Instead of hoping for the best, we plan for storms so that we’re prepared no matter what is waiting around the bend.

Digital Wonders

One of the largest errors I observed in the roofing trade was a refusal to embrace the digital age. Oh, their records were computerised, but that’s about as far as it went.

At Firon Roofing, we were one of the first to use satellite imagery to measure our customers’ roofs accurately as far back as 2010. When our project managers show up for an initial visit, they come armed with a good idea of how much material you’ll need to replace your roof.

With those satellite measurements and our proposal app, our estimators can offer exceptionally accurate proposals for each homeowner.

We’ve also embraced all modern forms of communication and use phone calls, emails, and texting to keep our clients informed and software to track each project as it moves through each step of the roof replacement process.

One thing I learned while working for others was that customers hate to hear the words “I don’t know,” so I created a system that allows all our team members to access the necessary information on any roofing project right away.

We did away with “I don’t know” and replaced it with “Let me check.”

Using Commercial Standards

There’s a reason traditional residential roofing companies don’t do commercial work. The high standards, expected longevity, and tracking requirements of a commercial project demand a high level of organisation, safety, and communication, which most residential roofers simply don’t possess.

When I started Firon Roofing, I wanted to apply those commercial standards to the residential roofing world and provide superior quality roofing to business customers.

Our digitally-based process makes providing the detailed approach of commercial quality work to homeowners a breeze. We always know where every project stands, who is in charge of it, and where the materials are at any moment.

Homeowners crave this level of continuity and transparency – and we’re glad to provide it at every step.

Training = Excellence

Industry standards don’t have much to say about training installers. After all, roofing crews often change from one job to the next. It’s a physically demanding job, and only the hardiest workers will return after their first installation.

Uneven pay schedules, ever-changing workloads, and zero chance of advancement are a constant in the roofing industry, so loyalty from roofing workers is understandably rare.

We take a different tact at Firon Roofing. We knew that building a good, reliable crew that could live up to our standards was key and worth investing the time and energy to make that happen.

We continue to train new crews and also engage in regular meetings to discuss and solve any issues that may come up. We also use factory training and encourage our workers to attend all available sessions.

As new items come to market and new techniques are developed, we are always at the front of the line for the next training program. Training is not something that happens once – it’s a continual need that we are happy to satisfy.

Manufacturer Input

Often, the goal of winning the low bid pushes concerns about quality to the side. More often than not, this results in what we call Franken-roofs, with different manufacturers used for each component of your roof system – components that fit together poorly.

We take a different position on project bids, preferring to offer the best value rather than the lowest bid. So we partnered with GAF, a company that’s been in the asphalt roofing business for well over 100 years.

Working with one manufacturer for most of your product line is a huge advantage. We still offer a choice between good, better, and best, but even the good option is far superior to what most others can supply.

And as a GAF Master Elite Contractor, we are among the top 2% of roofing companies in the entire North American continent, and GAF is a big reason we achieved that goal.

Their training programs, product quality, and exceptional customer service allow us to provide the same (and better) to each of our clients.

I look forward to delivering the same quality installations and exceptional service to Firon Roofing customers for decades to come.

Don’t Let Roof Leaks Become Roof Disasters

Even small roof leaks can lead to major trouble. If you live or own property in the Greater Ottawa Area and are concerned about your shingled roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us at Firon Roofing for a free quote for roof repair or replacement today.

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