Don’t Avoid Ice Dam Removal

February 23, 2024

4 Reasons Why Ice Dam Removal Is Important
For Your Manotick, ON Home

Always Remove Ice Dams
Before Severe Damage
Can Happen

When winter weather strikes, Manotick, ON, ice dam removal may not be one of the first things homeowners worry about. Instead, most homeowners are ensuring they have enough flashlights and emergency supplies should they lose power, extra blankets for keeping warm, and other needs.

However, ice dam removal should be on the list of things to consider when winter weather strikes the Greater Ottawa area. After all, ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your roof, but they also pose a safety risk.

1. Potential Risks To Your Roof Without Ice Dam Removal

Consider the scenario in which a winter storm has hit, resulting in tons of snow, freezing rain, and temperatures well below freezing. You have power, tons of food, and all your emergency supplies on hand, so you feel as though you are as prepared as you will ever be.

You go about your merry day, but while your home is warm and toasty, that heat is traveling up, resulting in the layer of ice and snow on your roof starting to melt, yet the outside temperature is still freezing.

In this situation, you could find an ice dam starting to form on your roof. The same can happen if there is a warm-up outside, followed by freezing temperatures that will flash-freeze all the water that may still be in the area.

When an ice dam forms on your roof, it can wreak havoc, resulting in roof repairs or a replacement being needed later. Ice dams often form at the edge of your roof. The danger is that as it melts, the water can leak under your roof’s shingles.

2. Remove Ice Dams To Protect The Inside Of Your Home

From there, the roof underlayment starts to become soaked, leading to the water penetrating the insulation in your attic.

Will this happen in a matter of a few hours? It can, but in most cases, prolonged ice dams cause this to occur. After several years of an ice dam forming in the same location on your roof, you could see these types of damage.

Once the water has penetrated the attic insulation, it can lead to leaks in your ceiling, affecting drywall and more.

3. Not Removing Ice Dams Can Damage Your Gutters

There is also the issue of the ice dam weighing down your gutters, resulting in the gutters becoming detached. While many people notice the detachment right away and fix it, others may not notice it, and as the weather changes and rain starts to fall, it could mean tons of water falling under your roof due to your gutters not functioning properly.

4. Safety Issues You Could Deal With If
You Forgo Ice Dam Removal

You must remember many safety issues that could happen when you decide to let ice dams remain rather than remove them.

If your gutters become loose, the ice that has formed in them could get knocked loose and hit the ground. If it is only the ground that the ice hits, then there is little worry on your part.

However, there have been situations in which thick pieces of ice from ice dams have hit the windshields of cars parked next to the house, shattering the windshield. There have even been cases when the ice hits a window of a home, breaking it and resulting in the need for a window replacement.

Of course, if a person were to be standing on the porch or near their house when the ice breaks away, it can also cause physical harm. That is why removing an ice dam on your own is never advisable.

When To Contact An Ice Dam Removal Company

With all the dangers and damage that could happen when you have an ice dam on your roof, when should you contact an ice dam removal company?

Ideally, you will want a professional roofer to look at your roof before winter weather hits. A professional roofer can spot zones of your roof that may be more prone to ice dams and ensure that the roof is ready to handle the ice that Mother Nature may drop.

However, if you do not do this, you will want to consider a removal company once you notice that an ice dam has formed. Remember, the longer an ice dam stays on your roof, the higher the risk of damage.

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