We offer comprehensive roofing warranties that can vary on the roofing system you choose.
The Golden Pledge® Warranty includes

Material Defect Coverage

Workmanship Coverage

100% Coverage Period - 50 yrs.

100% Coverage Period - 25 yrs.
Covers entire system
Installer certified

Detail: Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty

What Is Covered. This Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty covers GAF roofing products installed on your roof including GAF Shingles, GAF Ridge Cap Shingles, GAF Starter Strip Shingles, GAF Leak Barrier products, GAF Roof Deck Protection products, GAF Cobra® Attic Ventilation products.

Who Is Covered by This Limited Warranty; Transferability.

You are covered by this warranty if you live in Canada and are the original property owner (i.e., not a builder or installer) or the first subsequent owner if this warranty was properly transferred.

This limited warranty may be transferred only once. The second owner must notify GAF in writing within 60 days after the property transfer has occurred for any coverage to be transferred. (Other than this one transfer, this warranty may not be transferred or assigned, directly or indirectly.) If the transfer takes place during the first 20 years, the second owner shall be entitled to all benefits contained in this warranty. If the transfer takes place afterwards, the length of this warranty shall be reduced to the two-year period after ownership changes.

How Long Your Warranty Lasts: All GAF Products.

Coverage begins when your GAF Products are installed. Coverage for all GAF Products lasts as long as the warranty for manufacturing defects for the type of shingle installed in the field of the roof. Note: If cut-up GAF Strip Shingles are used instead of the eligible GAF Ridge Cap Shingles, the warranty and non-prorated period for the cut-up strip shingles are the same as they would be if those shingles were used in the field of the roof.


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